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my mammy

i dont have Parkinson's,my wee mammy has.She has had it for over 25yrs now and i have seen the mammy i knew to someone that looks like a ghost.if it's not be able to straighten her whole body,due to very bad spasm's to the point that she can't breathe because of it.Thats until she got a pump with apomorphine.Although she still has the spasm's and the choking feeling,they are as often as they were,plus she has finally got her tablet's worked out,thanks to a great doctor,Dr Simpson at the royal Alexandria hospital in paisley,Scotland,UK,who has the patience of a saint.

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Hi, I am so glad to hear that your mother recieved the right treatment after all these years. My father had PD and I always thought he didn't have enough medicine. I have now PD and have help of a really good doctor who listens to her patients .Parkinsons Team here at the local hospital in Ängelholm Sweden, do a good job.

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