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What you gonna do? Sleep? Forsooth!

So, I have Parkinson’s!??!, Me? No, not Doctor Joe, no, can you believe that? But, I was always the healthiest grape in the bunch, it just can’t be, no way, a case of mistaken Identity, It ain’t fair! Not now, darn! I was just getting it together. But, now forget going out or playing sports , somedays I just want to make it to the bathroom on time, or tie my own shoes, or not stumble in the grocery store again. My wife?, you ask! Why?? What about my wife? Oh!! Yes!!! Yes, her life has shrunk severely, too. She’s almost as consumed by this shaky, flaky monster, as I. Why does she stay? Don’t know, really, most have left the good ship PDhead. But, no not her! I sometimes feel miserable just for her!

So? What cha gonna do eh? Give up on yourself? Wallow in self-pitying, self-defeating Victimized misery!?? Or are you gonna dance even though your flippin legs feel like upside down garden pots tied together by string? And your shoulders are so stiff, you feel like a stick is in the wrong opening! Well, don’t worry! It gets worse for all of us…If you let it!

To be continued...

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Can, t wait you are very talented x


u r so right

u r very talented

nex tinstalment soon plz

lol JIll



What I am doing is FIGHTING. I will not let it get the better of me. I push myself to the limit to try and escape. However, I am also a realist and know it is stronger than I am. But I intend to give it a good run for its money.


Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and action, You can beat it, it may look as if you're going down but you're not!


I've been told I'm very encouraging when I show up for something. Which is a big battle! Makes me feel like Tiny Tim or something. Wish my kids felt that way. Keep on truckin'.


you too, beautiful.


I just wanted to say thanks. Some days you all just make my day and other days you are my jump start to get going. Will be waiting for " to be continued..."


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