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heart problems

I have been diagnosed with coronary artery blockage,i have to have a test where they put a catheter in your groin and feed it up to the heart to try and find out wether they can fit a stent or if i need a by pass op,anyone had this procedure? i,m very apprehensive and i know my PD symptoms will be off the scale,i should be used to medical procedures by now,i,v had hodgkins lymphoma,heart disease and diagnosed with PD all in the past 9 years

i,m getting a bit downhearted,(no pun intended),it seems one thing after another.

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Hi,I had a stress test down,Non treadmill one,The cardio doctor told me the was a problem with one of the vessels going into the heart that wasn't pumping Right,So I went for a caterization,But they went thru my right wrist instead of the groin,I forgot what they call it swiss or french method going thru the wrist,which I was ok with me,The groin caterization for me creep me out.Will anyway,I and my wife insist to the Cardio Doctor that I needed to take my sinement before we started it was time to take it and told them to give me the sinement as soon as they were done with the caterization,I was given something to relax during the procedure,was moving alittle and kept hitting me with more shot to relax.The procedure was suppose to be only 45 minutes it went alittle over,By that time it I was due for my next sinement,I take sinement every two hours.I had about 5 doctors around me,They were teach intern's the procedure going thru the Wrist.They start asking question and I was starting to go into a off period,I started repeating my words and started staring,Thats what I do when going into a off period.The doctors were saying what going on here,There was one doctor who's mother had Parkinsons and he said he's going into a off period,They went to my wife and got my pills,I have a great response to Sinement and back on track within 15 mins,Now the Doctor says,Bill we going put you out,Because of a irregular heartbeat and do a cardio verizon,In other words hit me with the paddles to get my heart back to a regular heartbeat and keep me in the hospital for a couple of days to keep a eye on it, Follow up visit,The Cardio Doctor felt that the sinement might have cause the irregular heatbeat or too much sinement or That I was slightly going into a off period doing the caterization,Was put on A-Frib meds,A year later was walking my dog,felt good walk about a block and a half,started felling weird out of no where,stop a store and they called 911,My heartrate was 195 and was given med in the hospital for A-FIB,Put a heart monitor on for two weeks never happened again.These doctor said the same thing feel the sinement my be causing A-Fib.Tell the doctors you need to take your PD meds before the procedure,Otherwise the procedure was bad,even better when they give you something to relax.Sorry for rambling on.takecare and be well!


Hi Alan,

Do NOT panic. I had a heart attack on June 15 2010 followed by the procedure you are to have (angioplasty). A stent was fitted successfully.via my hand. I was awake during the op & watched it on a large monitor over my head. My PD meds were kept up during my stay in hospital & my treatment throughout was first rate - on the NHS.


Thanks guys,i think i would like some type of sedation if its possible i definetley dont want to watch!!


Alan, Before angioplasty they administer medication which diminishes the fear factor, (happy juice). The angiogram process is quite simple and safe. I have had all three procedures, (angioplasty X2, stents X6, and a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, known in medical slang as a "cabbage"). The open-heart surgery was done in 1994.

I have been a heart patient ever since, carrying nitro glycerine and taking two different medications to reduce blood pressure.


As stated, for almost 20 years, I learned to live with a heart condition and took many different meds for it. Then, in 2011, I had an onset of symptoms which left little doubt and were quickly diagnosed as PD. Fortunately, it seems, one of the symptoms of Parkinson's is that it lowers blood pressure. This it did in my case and were able to stop taking any pills for that condition. I don't know what other changes the PD caused but I went from having angina and other heart problems almost daily to having experienced NO such symptoms. I don't know what this means in your case, but to me it has been a welcome trade-off.


Hi ron,does the nitro spray give you headaches?


Thanks for that ron,until i got PD i didnt have any heart problems,(dx 2003),i started getting angina about 3 years ago and just lately i,v been having more problems with my heart,i also have an annoying eptopic beat,i,v had a cardio ct scan and the cardiologist said i need a angioplasty or by pass as the scan showed some blockage,i have an appointment on 21 feb for the angioplasty but i,m still quite anxious about it.


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