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Clear Point Surgery

My Dr's at a major hospital where I was approved for DBS surgery last fall called to see when I wanted to schedule the surgery. After explaining the research we've done on why I want the Clearpoint Surgery ~ it takes half the time of DBS, half the cost of DBS, less invasive, and you are asleep for the procedure ~ shocked to find out they knew nothing about it. My husband has written Medtronics several times to find out why it is not being marketed to major hospitals all over. Any answers????

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I had clear point surgery last June. At that time, there were 12 hospitals worldwide performing it. As it is performed in an MRI suite and tube, it requires special non magnetic surgical tools. Even more than that, it requires that the neurosurgeon have acquired the training, skill and experience to operate real time using a computer screen. There is not the same surgical team present; it is a different way to get to the same goal. I disagree with the less invasive part, but you are asleep. The part I liked is the real time MRI view so that the surgeon can see blood vessels and avoid them. I recommend my skilled neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Richardson at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Why isn't it being more advertised? My guess is that it's newer, so expensive in terms of equipment and training that it will take a while to become more mainstream.

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Thanks for the info Jash. We are too far from Pittsburgh to make use of your recommendation, but being in the LA area it astounds us there is noone trained in Clear Point Surgery. Don't know if it is feasible to travel far for this surgery in case 0f complications & expense. Also don't know if insurance is covering this procedure, but I am focused on making this happen & do not want DBS surgery.


Wynn...Clear Point was "invented" at UCSF. My surgeon was trained there. Google DBS ClearPoint UCSF. You are right that is a lot closer. You're probably too young, but Medicare paid in my case.


Any information about this procédure being available in the uk?



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