In the Dark

This is not who

I want to be,

Not where

I thought

I’d end up.

Never believed

That I would want

to surrender ,


to the pain.

I don’t understand

My Life,

or why

I don't care


All of those things

I once felt so

Passionately about

Lay dead

on the floor

Being trampled upon

By the unsteady gait

Of the Parkinson's that

Moves me forward.

At times I feel

Self-absorbed and


Thinking only of

Myself and what

Will make me happy.

Each day I grow

More and more tired.

The crazy diseases

that invade my body

just keep pounding

away at me,

draining me,


and demoralizing

the life and the

struggle that once

gave me

such joy.

I'm up all night

thinking about


so fleeting

no idea seem

to stick

and my lack

of con




leaves me

once more

in the dark.


6 Replies

  • A good poem Again Jane

    Which is as far as my rhyming goes

    Lol Jill

    And hugs


  • Jupiter...again even in your dark moments, you are "blessed" with the gift of expression. What many of "us" feel, you state so "eloquently. "



  • Thanks for all your words of praise.I cannot help but be sad at the loss of myself, and frustrated tat there seems to be nothing I can do about it!

  • i know how you feel so well jane - PSP stinks

  • I hear you loud and ciear hang in there, for all of us! loveyou Ellie

  • Your poems are so elloquent. Another wonderful job at telling how so many of us feel at times.

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