Anyone had any luck with Clonazepam for REM sleep disorder ?

My neurologist, who is also a Movement Disorder Specialist, just wrote out a script for sleep called Clonazepam to help with vivid dreams and acting out dreams. He told me the Trazodone I've been taking can worsen dystonia. Since the trazodone is helping a little bit, I'm debating switching until I have more info. Going to google next, but would like to hear from anyone who has tried it.

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  • I take it twice a day for anxiety. I don't have dream problems tho

  • I take 1/4 mg three times a day. It has been very effective in reducing tremors and spasms and helps me sleep. It does seem to reduce dreaming or at least the recall of dreams.

  • I think I will give it a try next week, if it doesn't help I can always go back. Seeing my Primary Care doctor this week and will get her opinion first.




  • I use it at bedtime for restless legs and it works wonderfully for that.

  • Took clonazepam (klonipin) for three years til I changed drs. Clonazepan is not a parkinsons med ,per say, supposed to help w/sleep. (not for ME!) withdrawal from this drug is a mutha!!! took three tries! I am better without it , I take lorazepam (ativan} with no problems. Talk to your dr. and let me know what he says, and GOOD LUCK! SD.

  • I also have REM sleep behavior disorder. Since taking .5 mg. of Clonazapam each evening I have acted out no violent dreams. I have had no negative side effects for the couple of years I've been on it. I understand it's for life, but so is PD and REM behavior disorder so I'm not considering how difficult it would be to stop it. Best of luck. BTW, my MDS referred me to the sleep specialist to take the overnight sleep test. When I entered REM sleep they tell me that I started to ride my bike, so to speak, instead of acting out my dreams.

  • Your doctors right Clonazapan slows down the brain spasms that PD causes I just started taking it again what a relief I take it 2 times a day but I cut them in half and take it 4 times your next step is Xanax so be careful you don't want that was on that for7 yrs they detoxes me from that never been the same

  • Xanax takes you up then crashes. Clonazopram doesn't do that.

  • My Father has to take Clonazepam and Quetiapine to help with sleep and reliving his dreams. We cannot walk he can just support his own weight but his brain tells him he can stand to get out of bed.

  • I recently started taking it at night for sleep disorder. I'm very sensitive to drugs so i cut mine in half, to even cutting that in half to take even less a dose and I feel more refreshed each morning. My sleep is better and according to my other half, no thrashing or violence in my sleep.

  • I started taking Cloneazepam in December after acting out violent dreams, talking in my sleep, and grabbing my wife's arm. It replaced the Xanax u was taking. U take clinazepam 2x at night. Dr. Jill warned me not to take Xanax while taking Clonazepam! My vivid dreams are gone and so is my acting.

  • did Dr. Jill say why not ?

  • She didn't exactly say but was very direct in not taking both. There might be some overdose possibilities. I see her tomorrow and get more information.

  • taking .5 mg together with valerian and melatonin. Usually able to sleep in spite of severe ab pain and discomfort which is usually resolved by a good night's sleep. I have lovely vivid dreams, very pleasant. I don't know what REM sleep disorder is. I just couldn't fall asleep or stay asleep. 10 yrs with PD

  • Thanks for everyone's input. Sounds like it is worth trying so I can sleep for more than 3 hours at a time.

  • I have taken it for sleep for a several years per a different MD. He does not accept my insurance, had to change MD's, new MD will not prescribe it and seems totally unconcerned with sleep or withdrawal. I still had a one month RX from my previous MD and am trying to cut back, but only sleep about four hours/night, waking about every hour...

    Crazy that some doctors cannot understand that along with PD comes sleep disorders.

  • After years of trying different combinations to get some sleep & always having the same horrendous nightmare where I would send the animals & my husband scattering with my loud screaming have found a combination that actually lets me sleep. Clonazepam, Benadryl or Tylenol PM and 6 mg of melatonin. My Dr. wanted to send me to a sleep clinic, but I see no need while this combo is working for me. (10 yrs of PD)

  • How was your sleep last night? Did you take the Clonazepam?

  • 2nd night on the medicine. Not much sleep yet but may need a stronger dose, but I'll give it a little longer.

  • going to regular doctor today, get her opinion, then will start. The neurologist said not to just cut of Trazodone, doing it gradually.

  • My wife and I are both takiing Clonazapam for Restless Leg Syndrom. Have not had a problem with dreaming but it definitely works for the restless leg problems we both have.

    My wife (has PD) and takes three at bedtime. I only take one a bedtime but we both sleep like babies.

  • Great to hear such good news. I took the script to the pharmacy but due to bad weather in Maine, I'm waiting until tomorrow to pick it up. I'll be starting it tomorrow nite. .25 mg to start with, hope I have such good news to report next week. I did have Botox in my calf and foot a week ago and no dystonia since then. It's been wonderful to straighten out my toes!

  • Hello fishing girl

    My partner used to have terrible night terrors when dreaming and waking were combined --driving him out of the house and miles along the road in the cold. We use homeopathic remedies - the one that cured this for my partner was Belladonna (the remedy Stramonium might also help). It really worked, and pretty quickly too. The best thing would be to consult a homeopath to find the best remedy for you.

    You can take homeopathic remedies alongside conventional remedies, but it could be confusing as you wouldn't know what was doing what. Perhaps try homeopathy first - gentle, no side effects likely,

    Good luck!


  • Thanks for the info

  • Tried the clonazepam .25 mg for a week. Helped a little but not much. Neurologist said ok to take 2 at night for a total of .5 mg. Did that and it helped, but ran out of the meds and waiting for a new script from the doctor. Hopefully a 90 day supply this time so I can use ChampVA to fill it. Local drug store prices are too high!

  • My wife takes 3 at bedtime for restless leg syndrom. They work great for her.

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