Excerpt from Parkinson's Dress Manual Recommended Procedure for putting on Pants

Instructions for putting on pants ( Ordinary people & some Stage 1 PWPs)

Grasp waistband with both hands. Lower waistband of garment to knee level. Step, with left leg, into left leg hole. Step with right leg into right leg hole. Raise waistband to waist level. Place left tab over right tab and secure with button provided. (Buttoning is a very difficult procedure so don't be discouraged. Detailed instructions for buttoning will be provided later in this manual). Zip up zipper. This, though apparently optional, completes the process.

Instructions for putting on pants (People with Parkinson's)

Grasp waistband with both hands....BOTH hands. Pick up garment again, grasp waistband with both hands, thumb inside, fingers outside. Good. Now lower waistband of garment to knee level. Attempt to raise left foot up over waistband and insert it into left leg hole. Abort! Abort!!!!!!

Start over. This time, lower garment to ankle level,(if possible). Attempt to raise left foot up over waistband and insert it into left leg hole. If successful, repeat the process with the right leg. Use caution here as you are vulnerable to loss of BAL





Get up, Start over. Leaning against a wall or dresser for balance is permissable. This time, hold the waistband with the left hand only, allowing the right side to hang closer to the floor. Now carefully raise right foot over waistband. Steady here, balance is everything!!!!!! If the right foot clears waistband, aim it for the right leg hole. Success!!!!!!! Now, continue on wtih your right foot through the right pant leg until the foot emerges. Uh,Ohh!! Jagged toe-nail on right big toe has hung up on inside of pants cuff. Don't panic! This is a situation common to PWPs, known as "The Flamingo". Many become quite proficient at standing on one leg. The only safe course of action at this time is to (continued on Manual Page 43)

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  • I couldn't help but laugh. I can still picture my husband doing this same method and wanting to help him. He was stubbornly trying to maintain his independence and all too often would get very frustrated and depressed over it.

    I pray daily for all PWP's and their caregivers.

  • I love this! It is my experience exactly! Well not every time but often enough. I have to allow extra time to get ready to go out.

  • Perfect description of myself except add to the mix a 6month old puppy and the problem becomes x times worse..The things we do to keep sane such as a puppy are always prone to disasters as well. 1quote from the Silk book of insanity!!!

  • Looks like instructions for a Fan Dango!

  • That's so funny I pissed my pants, oh shoot now I gotta change them! I'm ready for the PD Pants Fandango! hahaha Maybe we need to start a Nudist PD Camp! Oh no that's too scary a thought!

  • I teach TAi Chi, I'm going to add the PWP Pants off pants on posture with the above instructions... Hysterically sad but funny!

  • Where do you teach TAi Chi?

  • DPP, I do hope that you are only going to SIMULATE pants off; pants on!


  • Love it, just love it. I am now in the sit-in-chair to put on pants stage, then lay down on the bed, suck in belly method to close and zip them.

  • So true for me! LOLing!!!



  • Then there's the step (maybe only for women) Put on coat. Hat. Handbag. Walker. Backpack. Head for door. turn around. Urgent need to pee. etc.

  • thanks for starting my day with laughter. This is what i have to look forward too and i was worried about that little tab on the zipper.

  • h.p. My apology..... I forgot to include in instructions that, for women, the button is on the opposite tab. (didn't want you going crazy trying to put the buttonhole through the button).

  • if you think that's a problem good job you are not a woman attempting to put tights on ,

    I haven' got Parkinsons and even I have that problem lol.. Leaning against a wall is my best bet ll

  • OMG, that was hysterical and yet sadly oh so true! Thanks for making me laugh out loud first thing this morning. :-) :-)

  • I love it! So sad but true. Thanks for the humor.

  • Thanks for the humor,it's something we need as often as we can get it. I've read that it raises our level of dopamine.My daughter and I have a big giggle time when I try to use the T.V. remote! Our channels are only 3 digits, but I give it twice that many on a shakey day!

  • This was great! Thanks Getting dressed is quite a challenge. My husband told me it was a new thing for him...he only knew how to take clothes off not put them on :).

  • That was priceless Ronn!

  • Very funny but so true. I loved it. Thanks.

  • Thanks for our laugh today...waiting for the next installment

  • "Killing Me Softly With His Song"

  • Strumming my Pain with his Fingers,

    Singing my Life with his Words

  • Absolutley Perfect!

  • OMG---ARE YOU A PEEPING TOM???!!!! Seriously pants are starting to become a problem--have to sit down, undergarments first, then pants one leg at a time--stand-up, try to pull up--DAMN lost my balance, stand back up--pull them up--SUCCESS!!! i am talking outloud the entire time telling myself what to do each step of the way-------and then you think you're done and mother-nature makes a call!!!! But through it all one must try to maintain a sense of humor----thanks for starting my day with a hearty chuckle!

  • It makes me wonder if the guy that invented the "Hokey Pokey" had Parkinson's....

    You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about......

  • Wonderful, I've tried all the methods. I find that sitting on the bed and lifting one leg(either right or left) Put it in the right pant leg, and then do the other. Then stand up, or try, and pull the pants up. It may take a few falling back on the bed before you get them up. How about anything, sweater, undershirt, and getting it over your head and pulling it down?

  • OB, The same rules apply to undergarments, but there is no training film.

  • They say most accidents happen in the home. I read that Arthur Askeys daughter broke her leg putting on her nether garments and I've come close to hurtling across the bedroom before even becoming a PWP. Does mentioning a famous name break the rules?

  • Forgot to say, very funny.

  • Oh my i couldnt stop laughing,lucky i had just used the loo or otherwise guess what i would be doing the HOKY COKY again, Ihave found the best way to get dressed is gather up all the clothes i was going to wear for the day.and either sit on a low chair and get dressed that way or the best one is to sit on the loo and kill two birds with one stone Thanks anyway for a good laugh which was a long time coming

  • Having just gone through that before coming on line, I'm sitting here chuckling to myself. My hubby always thought I was doing my stretching exercises. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Brilliant!,,,thought this sort of scenario only applied to me...so relieved (not really)to hear that others are learning to dance the 'flaming or was it the 'tango'?..lol. Where can I get a copy of this manual? Sounds as if it will brighten up the start to everyday. Thanks

  • Totally resonate with trouser trouble. Have occasionally gone out in my kilt as it's quicker access to ones tackle and who the hell invented zipped trousers anyway? Might start wearing a night shirt instead of pyjamas or as the Poet here suggested joining a nudist camp! If we all think about each other as we go about our fumbles maybe we can tap into a psychic dopamine bank and get a booster to get us through.!

  • MacDoodle, Thanx for the reply, but I hope you haven't been standing on one leg for three years waiting for further instructions. Tell me if you will, There is an old song that goes, I belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow toon buh there's something the matter w Glasgow it keeps gaing roond an roond. Now I'm but a poor little country boy as any man can see, Buh when I get a f ew drinks on a Sa- urday Glasgow belongs to me.

    Do you know where it originated?????.

  • This is worth recycling!

  • Thank you, Hikoi, for the trip down memory lane. It makes you wonder how many of those who responded are still with us.

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