Thank you everyone who has completed the Flashpolls over the last few days. I shall close the polls at midnight UK time. So if you haven't yet responded to the polls (there are 10 questions labelled Q1 to Q 10) please do.

This data is a huge help to us in knowing how Parkinson's movement can best help you. It may not seem obvious but if we know your age, stage of Parkinson's, treatments and so forth, we will be able to target material accordingly. You have helped us to help you. Thank you.

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  • Jon,

    Thank you for doing these polls. It's always interesting to see what the next one will be. And, of, course, the patient/practitioner/researcher communication is great to see.

    I did have a question that I posted under the recent education level poll. I ask it just out of a little bit of curiosity -- not worth it if it's any trouble to provide.

    The posting was:

    8% said "Other (please comment)". For this poll, and in general for other polls that have that choice, are those comments available to us? I'm not spotting a way on this page to access them. I don't want to violate anyone's privacy, but for this particular poll, at least, I doubt that seeing those comments would do that.

  • Hi Paul,

    there will be a full report in due course (probably next week or two) with the comments incorporated


  • Thank you Paul. I have a question I cannot find an answer yet. Don't know if a poll would help. Since my husband who is 83 with Parkinson's and Lymphoma in partial remission needs a person with him constantly.How would I be able to get someone to come to his aide should I myself take another fall etc. ( I am soon 80) Most caregiver help on line is very informative and helpful but doesn't answer this question.

  • Jon,

    Cool, thanks.



  • janpak,

    > needs a person with him constantly.How would I be able to get someone to come to his aide should I myself take another fall etc.

    i wish I could be more specific, but your concern is not one I've had to deal with. All I can say is that there are devices out there that are convenient to carry around and are designed to be easy to use for a person who is in such trouble to get the word out. Maybe a push of a button and it calls the police, or a neighbor, etc. I don't pay much attention when I hear about these because it's just not on my radar, but I encourage you to look for what's on the market which is designed for that exact problem.

    Of course, always carrying a cell phone is an option. I recently over-heard someone talking about their very inexpensive cell phone (not using one of the 4 major carriers). They pay only for the minutes they use in a month, and the minutes are not unreasonably priced. If they don't use the phone for a month then they pay $0 for that month. Again, sorry, I don't remember any of the specifics. But you could probably locate both of these things on the web somewhere. amazon.com seems to sell almost anything -- I would start there. I use amazon frequently because there are so many real-user reviews and ratings there.


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