"Awakening Experience"

Last night I had an "awakening experience"....It must have been around 2 a.m.. I remember "springing" up, in a sitting position..(which for me is "something", as I have severe scoliosis)..I could NOT breath in air, (just enough to hear that "trying" sound of panic, when someone realizes he or she can't breath.).....It probably lasted only about 3 seconds...but that was "long enough"....I have never had a problem breathing in air before.

Immediately, after "trying" to get air, I started to cough.......I have had acid reflux for a while now...(another PD related problem)....and I was not sleeping "high" enough....People with reflux should sleep on an incline to make breathing easier...plus I keep forgetting to drink plenty of water during the day.. (my saliva is like a thick "gel")....

The combination of not drinking enough water, acid reflux and not sleeping "high enough" caused my air passage way to get "clogged up"....thus "no air".....just wanted to give a "heads up" to any of my PD friends who may be experiencing similar symptoms.

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    OLOL jiLL

  • Thank you for replying.....that just "sucks" for us! :)

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one....May we both have a better year ahead.

    Again, thank you.


  • dear CJ49,

    i was on another parkinson'e site a few years ago, and they said to sleep with your head about a 30 degree angle , higher then the level of your bed. i use pillows. 4 . and it works pretty good. i know what you mean about the thick gel. have to cough it up. and get rid of it in a paper towel.

    good luck.

  • I just tried 4....Looks like that's our "Lucky number" :)

  • so happy it helped CJ49

  • Ditto, but not as severe as you. I drink as much water as I remember to. I can relate to the GEL comment. I believe that if I stopped Dairy Products I would be less Phlegmmy.

  • I agree that eliminating dairy products would help the phlegm problem....but what do you do when PD sucks out the calcium from your system?.....I take calcium chews, because the vitamins were not dissolving, but since I have osteoporosis I believe I need more.

  • See my response below to DeParkie.

  • What!?!? PD depletes your calcium? Please, please, please, not another pill. I hate trying to swallow pills & isn't calcium a big one?

  • Calcium "is" a large pill...PD can "slow down" the stomach muscles....Thus...not disolving large pills before they pass through your system... (at least that's my problem)...My doctor advised me to take "calcium chews"...That way the calcium can be absorbed more successfully.

  • Thanks, guess I'll have to start taking calcium chews, drinking milk or eating yogurt.

  • Hmmm. Interesting! I'm up because I just got choked (reflux) and had yogurt a couple hours before going to bed. I told my husband I thought the phlegm.was part of my voice problem. I'm not good with water and I have yogurt daily.

  • Thanks, I "Love" yogurt...I really should try to eat it "more often". I "do think" that dairy aids the reflux thing. Maybe "flushing" it down with water, or maybe eating it for an "earlier snack" at night would help..I'll try that. Again, thank you.

  • This may be difficult to believe but I have almost the same condition(s) myself.

    And each day it is more difficult to walk. Pain is always in the legs and they

    have red "blotchs" on them and I break out in a rash. So far I think it is anxiety.

    Parkinson's retired me and now I am unemployed. ~~Dennis

  • Dennis, I'm so sorry to hear all you're going through. I'm "not" an authority on the subject...but I had a bad skin reaction also, (on my abdomen an back)....turns out it was my Prolia injection..I get the injection for my bone strength..

    Maybe you should try "searching out" reactions from your other medications. Many times I used to blame "everything" on Parkinson's...until I found an advertisement for my Prolia..when I checked the info sheets given with the medication.."there was the answer.".... Your symptoms sound like some sort of reaction, check out your other meds....Hope this helps.

  • dear dennis, i haven't found much help for it , but the pain is very much there in my legs when i get -up in the morning. then i do my exercises and that seems to help a lot. and the longer i'm up , and walking -up basement stairs and around the house , it gets much better. i do my cleaning at night, cause that' when my legs feel best.

    then only my back is screaming.

  • Similarities here too. Phlegm I just cannot get up, I always start sat up in bed propped up with pillows, but when eventually I sleep and wake up after short while I am laid flat

    The process starts all over again.

    I think perhaps scaffolding might work.

  • "Scaffolding"....Good one! Where would we be without our sense of humor?

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  • There are "inclines" sold in medical supply stores....they are made of foam covered in soft-type of plastics. I tried them once, but didn't find them comfortable...I like pillows better. Looks like I'll have to go pillow shopping to find the ones that are "Just-Right"

    (Sounds like the Goldi-locks fairy tale!) :)

  • how about a hospital bed that can be set to different angles. scaffolding sounds kind of hard. by morning i too, have worked to get myself flat . and that's when the phlegm starts to build. i've been thinking of buying one of those mattresses. and maybe with the legs lifted too , the legs would start out better in the morning. worth a try.

  • Scaffolding was a joke you know. forgive my sense of humour.

  • oh i know oldtyke, that would be real hard on the head and everything else. that was funny. LOL need a little more levity at times.


  • CJ

    Sure sucks and sounds frightening to experience. I have a hunch you are describing sleep apnea. May be worth discussing with your doctor. Here is a link to some information. Hope it is helpful.


  • Thank you, but I already had a sleep apnea study....proved negative.

  • Thats good! I think the water information is interesting. Im sure i don't drink enough but like all naturals approach.

  • Hi,

    I have had problems not being able to swallow occassionly, cough as if I will choke. Wake up at night coughing. I tried high pillows, get a pain and stiffness in the neck, so back to a contured pillow and back to the usual procedure. I have asked my PD doctor, can I have a "swallow x-ray" to see if Parkies had been "kind " to me and given me weak swallowing muscles. I have the examination next week. I will write and say how it went.

  • Here's a link you might want to check out.....good luck!


  • Hi CJ49 - I've had all of the problems you stated. You're right - about drinking water. For about 3 years now - I drink 22 oz. of water first thing in the morning all at once. You get used to it - but I can't do ice water - maybe others can. But it has taken care of acid reflux, constinpation, coughing, phlegm, allergies, etc. etc. I can't not do it - or the problems will start up again. Therefore, I remember to do this every single morning. Gone are all those pills, suppositories, antihistamines, cough drops, cough syrups, etc. etc. It's such an easy thing to do to take care of all that ails you - and doesn't cost anything. I'm sure it helps the parkinson's as well. Oh yes, not eating late at night is good, too - as well as not going to the drugstore and roaming down the aisles picking up all those pills and potions. Now, if I can only remember to keep drinking water throughout the day!! BTW - you can just google "drinking water first thing in the morning" if it'll give you more motivation and if you don't believe me. lol.

  • I believe you.....water is the answer to many problems....seems "too" simple....I think people are "programmed" to think they "need" a prescription. That may be in some cases....but many problems can be explained if we "research" our own lives.

  • Yes - and for me, I have to emphasize the large amount of water first thing in the morning while your stomach is empty - then it flushes out yesterday's waste - and then wait for about 45 min. before breakfast. It's not that easy at first - but the benefits are numerous! No more choking, coughing, spitting, gagging, and general discomfort for digestive issues which spread out to other issues. I really hope you try it faithfully and see for yourself!! I wish I had done this before and when I was firs diagnosed - which is 11 yrs. ago. I would have had a much better 8 years - but I'm grateful for the much better last 3 years and although a very undisciplined person by nature - this is one habit I will always hang on to.

  • Have you been to a sleep clinic and been tested for sleep apnea? I would RUN !

  • I have and found that was not the problem....but thank you.

  • i,v got telephone directories under the top legs of my bed,!!

  • Ugh!! I didn't know about this one! Thanks for letting me know, I think!!!


    Carol <><

  • Hello,first thing I reach for in the morning is a cold glass of water! It helps start my day.

    My nose runs and I know its not so phlemy because I drink so much water throughout the day.I keep a bottle of water on my night stand and sip.If the body stays hydrated,things do seem to run smoother,it helps with dry skin and hair also.


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