Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus!

Pushing the Rock up the hill then watching it roll past...Ha ha what am I going to do? give up? No freaking way! I will fight and push until I succeed or die trying. I got an idea! Can I help you with your rock? Let's all Rock on! Do you remember in the Book/Movie "LOTR, The Twin Towers" The King of Rohan is under a spell that depletes him and makes him an old wizened husk until Gandalf taps him ands restores his vigor. That is what is happening to me Gandalf is knocking and I must serve my hIgher purposes: the people...

Wake up my Golden Ones, your people need you back!

I love you and pray for all of us to recover our health, strenght and Loves..

PS I need Spellcheck! or is that spelchek? spillchick? spilkis?

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  • As t'owd folks used to say i' Yorkshire

    Wi all maun keep knockin on an' mindin' t'trams!

  • I ken red it but I'm not sure I'm understandin Ha Ha

    Translation please Tyke!

  • In English

    We must all keep carrying on and keeping out of the way of the trams

  • love it. damn trams 00 unless you're on it.

  • thanks for the reminder - some days it feels easier to let the rock keep on rolling past, but then where would we be.

    Also, I'm starting to learn to use voice to text utilites on Microsoft and on my smart phone -makes things easier, though still some glitches.

  • Any tools that are available, like the proverbial port in the storm, are welcome in my book. I used Dragon text to talk but I had to constantly retrain it, kind of like my Self. I seem to need to relearn somethings, like, swallowing or walking etc. How wonderful everything old is new again. I'll try Microsoft utilities...

    The Rock keeps rolling though doesn't it? uphill or downhill. That's how I roll as the kids say. Keep up the good work Rch!

  • a friend refers ti the state of consant 'retraining' as his new normal. - Kind of works for me.

  • I like it too! Before I "knew" I had to relearn my tennis game everytime I played!

  • yes, the rock keeps rolling down. I'm retraining right now trying to type while wearing off! The brain is resilient. Am I??? Gotta go and take meds.

  • Sometimes I roll the rock, sometime the rock rolls me! But i'lll keep getting on top until I can't anymore! You are very resilient! Pat V.!

  • flexible yes! Need to work on strength L L

  • I need to work on strength :P

  • Brilliant

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