Positive thinking increases Dopamines' power for PWPs!

I was listening to a lecture by a psychologist named Shawn Achor. And he states that in people with a positive or happy outlook on life, scientists are finding that their brains have an over abundant supply of Dopamine. Shawn believes that the positive thinking traits generate more Dopamine, which in turn generates more positive feelings and creates a more secure and confident state of mind, in this happy mindstate we are able to perform better at various tasks, work, exercise etc. which reinforces our happiness. He believes that if we write down what we are grateful for, 3 things a day for let’s say 35 days, that this creates a cascade of Happiness and programs our brains to continually search out the good things in life. Most of my family was a very negative group of mean-spirited gossip-mongerers who loved to deliver bad news. (I guess that it confirmed their World view) My Brother said that they loved Fishing for Bummers. My MindChatter consists of a recriminatory stream of self-depleting accusations that impede my Natural Happiness from ever blossoming. From now on, I am going to become Mister Positive, if that bothers you then check your disapprobation with your Spiritual Resource and get back to me…

Have a Blessed and Happy day and know that I love you to your Soul!

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  • Mister Positive i like this approach

    My aunt used to call it count your blessings!

    My dad liked to talk of Norman Vincent Peale's Power of Positive Thinking.

    There is much wisdom in living this way i do believe.

  • Thank you Hokoi! Can I count on you as a blessing?

    I believe I can...

  • I like the new you......well done!

  • parkinsonsmovement.healthun... ++++++ thinking is a no brainer

  • sometimes it's very difficult to stay up in the face of Agony and Defeat. However I am feeling, I'll think on you and smile because you are so brave and good!

  • Good for you !!!!

  • Yeah!

  • Well its always said that the adrenaline depletes dopamine so anything positive, fun, relaxation is the answer! Laughing is v good..tickling!

  • I'm a new, new, new man! Yes LOL, smiley face et al... keep up the good work folks!

  • I am grateful for you all!

  • Poet...you are an inspiration...

  • Jash you are the best! When will you be in Sarasota. I'd love to meet...

  • Yes thoughts words and deeds are a cause and happiness is an effect. As a Buddhist, I sometimes have to chant for some GossipMonger's happiness. I picture myself with a whip and a chair and a smile. Even Parkies can be negative. Leave 'em laughing or at least smiling. otherwise just leave 'em :D


  • Good for you Poet.......Freud believed people either had the "life" instinct or "death" instinct....positive or negative. I have always tried to be positive and stay away from negative people...but that is hard when it is family


  • Agree, especially about family. :-)

  • Family? What is Family? I used to have a large Family, now I've shed them like snakeskin

  • I try to be positive but some days it's hard. Though I must be pretty good at it because my sister always says I see the world through "rose colored glasses" especially when we disagree on something. :-) I think you have to take the good with the bad and focus on the good. I have many things to be thankful for. :-)

  • I'm thankful for you Pat, and I'm smiling for you too...

  • DPP

    I see you high on positivity, i will send you kindly thoughts on your journey when at my Tai Chi class and when at acupuncture......

  • I just read a Korean study on PD and Acupuncture. The points used were GB34, & St36 bilaterally, SI 3 and Bl62 contralaterally, I'd include maybe Lu 6 Ki 6 in the Rx.

  • As a fellow Parki I can understand the fluctuations of the mind/body relationship. As a Yoga teacher I understand the mind/body relationship and use my knowledge and training to heal myself. Yoga teaches us to "move away" from suffering. It teaches us to accept what is happening (body/mind) and find a way to have compassion for ourselves and others. When I focus on what my body CAN do at that moment instead of my limitations, I find joy instead of self-pity and anxiety. I begin to laugh at myself and acknowledge that I am still better off than most.

  • Very well put! Acceptance is huge for us, so is non-acceptance though. Thanks for your input I value it highly! Laughing is great medicine!

  • It must be true about positive thinking. I've had PD for seven years, and I'm still working full time and drive to work. I try to look at my illness as a challenge, and focus on what I CAN do rather than what I can't. I must be making a lot of dopamine!

  • You are a Dopamine Lab! I love it! love it! love it! Keep up the good work Cup!

  • Everybody else around me seems to think I have such A positive attitude. So I must even though I dont think it is that positive - cry a lot and have become almost a hermit ... so maybe I have everyone fooled.

  • That is the usual path for PD patients. I hid and cried a lot at first and still cry often. because I didn't want people to see me shaking or Torqueing I stayed out of public places. I accept myself for who I am at the moment and be darned to anybody who feels like staring or laughing at me!

  • Recently there have been reports that depression is one of the common non-motor symptoms of PD. From what this researcher says about happiness and the creation of dopamine, can it be that conversely the reduction of dopamine is what leads to depression? If so, can we actually reverse the depletion of dopamine with positive thinking, thereby overcoming depression, and improving motor function, just by controlling our thoughts and attitude? It is an intriguing thought....

  • JJ I believe that is the implication, that if we believe in happiness and practice acting happy, then it will become real in time. So laugh even if you feel like crying.

  • Over the holidays I overdid and was very fatigued and it was easier to say 'I CAN'T' and give in to the negativity which led to increased inactivity------------not good when dealing with PD. Then my 23 yr old granddaughter leaves for basic training in FT Jackson, SC and immediately gets a severe case of homesickness. Family was encouraged to write, send letters, cards with words of encouragement. Well you can't write these words without a positive attitude and it wasn't long before I started to believe them and found myself feeling better----definitely proves that a positive attitude is so much better for PD and help my granddaughter in the process.

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