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new young onset support group in Glasgow

Hi i am looking to start a young persons with pd support group in Glasgow, i would like to hear from anyone in Glasgow and surrounding areas who would be interested in such a group, this is long overdue in my opinion, a city the size of Glasgow should have its own young persons group. thanks, john.

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Hi John,

I live in Gartcosh not far from you, and i would join if iam not too old , i am 54 this year , let me know and we could meet up




PS i go to a group in Lightburn hospital and i am the youngest there and its doing my nut in



hi Alan. thanks for getting back, i go to lightburn for my treatment, Dr burns,and Jackie.

you would be more than welcome on board Alan, its very early stages i'm trying to find

out how many people we have in the Glasgow area. I go to the Glasgow south group, like you i'm the youngest, I think it would benefit younger people to have a group of our own in which we could address the problems younger people have to face with pd. i am going to try and round up as many as poss and then arrange a meet, to get it up and running i will keep you informed, thanks for getting back.

John Robertson


Hi John,

I started a group we call YOPs (Young Onset Parkinson's) down here in Cornwall. It is specifically for people affected by Parkinson's who are of working age. It has been well received and we've been able to mix information sessions with social meetings. They usually take place in the back rooms of pubs but we do hire halls sometimes for talks.

People who come along want to meet other people with Parkinson's but not go into room full of people who advanced symptoms. I know we felt totally lost until we were told about a younger group where we lived in the Midlands.

Because Cornwall is such a large patch I keep in touch with people who can't make a meeting through a monthly newsletter. If you want to pick my brains please feel free. Otherwise, good luck and don't take small groups personally. It will grow!

Our best contacts come through the Parkinson's nurses and our Parkinson's UK Information and Support worker. We also have a Facebook page which is 'closed' so that people who want to talk fairly privately about their problems can.!/groups/1784... If you want to apply to join so that you can get an idea of how it works feel free.

Best wishes to you and your group. It's great to hear of people who are beginning to put something back into the PD world.

Sue Whipps


hi sue thanks a lot for your reply, it would be very helpful to have yourself to turn to for any advice. I will join the facebook page and keep you posted how we are getting on, thanks again for taking time out to lend support. i wish you and your group every success in the future.




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