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Today I finished my third clinical study of PD patients and the effect exercise has on our quality of life ( mobility / balance). These studies were over 12 months with the longest being 6 mo. The result for me is I've retired my cane and put the power chair in the basement, don't need either one any more. I was diagnosed in 1999 and now am 68 years old.I've been involved in athletics most of my life but had to give up long distance running in 1996 due to yet to be diagnosed PD. My neurologist has consented to my trying running again, based on my improvement from the exercise programs. Early results are fantastic, I am running again. Meds need to be monitored so that they don't wear off while running. I am organizing a PD exercise class utilizing strength exercise, tai-chi, yoga and Pilates. First class is scheduled Jan 2012 in a large room donated by a local church. Our instructor specializes in PD programs and has been trained and certified by the State medical university. The university is helping promote the class as is the regional PD Assoc. At the very least the class participants will have another social environment.

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The findings on exercise and PD are real and are supported by my own personal training (like your running my vigorous bike riding improves balance and with it mobility)..,I can go into stores without my cane. I can walk "normal" for 8 to 10 minutes after a 3 to 4 hour biking session...cognitive benefits are much harder to measure. I'm now 60 and was first diagnosed at 40. The Benefits only last the same day...I've had DBS surgery and the drugs are only required in much smaller doses. I'm not sure what I'm achieving but it is clear for Parkies it is "use it or lose it without exercise" situation.


Hi i have psp (a rare form of parksinsons )Ballance and mobility v poor_

and have just got a dvd provided by the PA in UK

it si great and the exercsises are gentle like pilates spo i do thes ein my own home iwht my carer

& with the tai chi class i do i feel i am in a bit more control of myself and my well -being is so much improved

i cannot swim any more as i cnanot co ordinate my arm and legs and i am loath to try a bike again

but i must (Indoors a t least)

love jill


Jill what is the DVD and where can I get a copy? Tony



I Lost the blog


can be got 4M head office 9 i got it from a local parkinsons open day

also a uselful Booklet on the exercises

plz scuse the dyslexic typgin(sic) hndd stronger than the otherr



I keep reading about people being on 'trials' for various things ie drugs exercise etcetera - how do you actually get onto these things?

I have left my details several times through the pd magazine and seem to get nowhere

I have also mentioned it at clinic to no avail


Online search for CLINICAL TRIALS in general or PD specific. If you are near a medical university search their site too. Ask your MD for leads etc. Check with the PD assoc and any foundations known to fund medical studies. You'l be amazed at the volume of info you'll find


thanks for this - much appreciated


you are right about exercise I work s a Park Ranger which involves a lot of walking My step is not a sure as it once was but I still fufill the requirements and do my jobI''vve had double knee replacement whichcompounds the problem but it not one in which alot of hard woork and exercise helps get the job done donnaj asked aboout trails I went thru Michael J Fox foundation


Congratulations on finishing the study and continuing to exercise! I too am a firm believer in move it or lose it.


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