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Have you lost your best friend lately?

For 19 years I knew the day would come; and now, I know how it truly feels. Can we ever be prepared for the transition? I'm so grateful for the time we shared, and all we were able to do together. Those shared memories serve me everyday now. I'm grateful for my faith that speaks peace to my mind and tells me my best friend is whole again, very happy, without worldly afflictions or commotion, and blessed with all he earned in this mortal life. Our home will ever be filled with snapshots we captured through the years; and, they are great treasures in my life. I know of the love his family holds in their hearts for their generous father, grandfather, and great-grandfather and, I pray we will all find our way so that we can be reunited again.

It was April, 2011, so there is time yet to personally adjust to the separation.

I would like to invite others who are having this experience to add their thoughts to the question "Have you lost your best friend lately?

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Lately? No. But time expands and contracts. What seems like yesterday seems so in my mind and heart only. There are times I wonder at our ability to continue on when we lose someone near and dear to us. Those times coincide with my realization that if I stay still for a moment and let the memories surround me, my loved one is not gone for that moment. Then Now snaps me back and I continue my journey, one day at a time. Your friend's energy cannot disappear, a philosophy which keeps me going. You must have been a wonderful source of energy for your friend.


Thank you Anemone!


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