A Company in Italy have a new product exclusively for PD.It is a mechanical feet stimulator . My wife relations e-mailed articles. from a medical journal in Italy and a newspaper. The reason that I am posting this is, In Italy PD.has a much higher profile..They have a PD Day which is heavily covered by Television, radio and the press..FS had rave reviews. The Company is having looked into it ,it seems it could be a very promising development. At the moment they are only operating in Italy .But from April.will be in UK I have registered with them and they replied and will contact me for a appointment They state that they work in conjunction with your neurosurgeon.... as it happens I will be seeing mine this month!!!!! KEEP YOU POSTED. ..

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  • Thanks for the information. I'm always prepared to look into new therapies/treatments/meds so I shall pursue this with an open mind.

  • Please keep us posted, thanks!!

  • Is it like a foot Massage machine?

    anyone know?

  • it is like wearing a metal slippers attached to a portable machine and can be carried about..Go to for information and photos regards fitzy

  • Looks very interesting. I'm going to ask my neuro here in NYC about it. HE's from Genoa.

  • Hi PatV.,lets hope that it will make difference. .

  • Thanks. Does it stimulate your brain. I went to the web site, but I'm still unclear about what it does.

  • Thanks for the info...we will definitely follow this study. It sure beat taking more meds.

  • THANKS MUCH. Appreciate your help. ~~Dennis. Off now to see a new neurologist. Reported to be the best in the area.


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