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Exercise,problems and also type 1 diabetes and PD

firstly i notice that when I do fast aerobic exercise i get light headed and when I do things like roll over in bed I hold my breath. Do others do the same?

On the type 1 diabetes issue I feel my PD is causing my sugar levels to drop more quickly than it did. I know improved fitness will enable me to improve body's adaption to exercise.

In the words of Alex Flynn 'keep moving'

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Hello Lestur,

In trying to give you a sensible reply to your question, I must admit that I do not have diabetes1 and as far as I know, I do not have diabetes2 either, but I once thought that I did and carried out much research which I am going to relay to you. However, I would like to know how you are sure that you feel that it is your PD that is causing your blood sugar levels to drop more quickly than before. May I give you two points to investigate further. The first is to ask your doctor if the PD medication affects your blood sugar levels. The second point is how much attention do you give to your diet or do you tend to rely on your insulin medication mostly? There are two excellent books that will help you enormously to stabilise your blood sugar levels. The first is called the diabetes solution by Dr. Bernstein, himself a diabetic, who has had great success in helping people with diabetes. I think that I read somewhere that he is the worlds longest surviving type 1 diabetic. The second book is by Dr. Charles Clark and is called the diabetes revolution. I feel sure that you will gain improved control of your sugar levels by adopting the principles in either of these books.

I hope this helps.




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