I’m so glad I had found this site; I can read and write to people who are just like me.Now I don’t know about the rest, but PD has created havoc in my life.

I rarely go out, this because I get panicky when the Sinemet goes out my system, and I’m in public. I hated when ppl stared, or when I’m in the bus and had to get out two stops early, because of the way people looks at me, I go in to panic mode and step out. Sad,,,, don't ya think???

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  • I know just how you feel - it is scary when the meds wear off and you are in a public place trying to stay upright. I have taken to carrying a walking stick with me as this helps with balance. I wish you well. Tony

  • thanks comp

  • Do I ever relate to concern when the meds are not around or not available and I know what is coming next. Much of what you write I can relate to. Thank You.

  • thank you Dennis

  • i feel the same way, my daughter programd my phone so it goes off every 4 hours so i can take my meds,i also carry a pill tray for the day when ever i go out this seams to help me stay on track. the only problem is after about a mounth i wanted to break the phone every time it went off there are times im feeling good and you foget for awhile and feel normal and the phone goes off and it starts all over again

  • Parkey, I do the same-- program my phone every 4 hours that the phone will permit or I would forget to take the PD medication. I do begin to tremor about 15 - 30 minutes before med times which are:

    6AM, 10AM, 2PM, 6PM, 10PM, 2AM and then right back to 6 AM and start all over again. Also have Tietze Syndrome and Costo-chondritis to deal with.

  • Thank you parkey

  • I never knew what depression or anxiety felt like before I was diagnosed, now it seems to be The New Me. Parkinson's seems to be The Sad Disease. Too bad we all can't be payed to be sad.

  • Geez, I can relate to this one.. I Went recently to get my wife a new car and I forgot to take my meds with me. within an hour of being at dealership it was time for the meds. but i didnt have them, it was 45miles home. i told her i would stay, 3hrs later we were done and i was out of it. balnce issues, tunnel vision, tremors, shaking, etc etc. i was so glad to get home.

  • I'm 45. Had pd now for 5 terrified

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