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New breakthrough, skin cells to brain cells, with implications for PD


A research team at UC-San Diego anounced yesterday that they have invented a shortcut for turning skin cells into brain cells, a process that holds promise in the treating of Parkinson's. The team created neurons from skin cells by blocking production of a single protein. The method bypasses existing techniques that make neurons from stem cells derived from skin cells, a complicated process.

The researchers found that the protein, called PTB, stops the activity of neuronal genes in non-neuronal cells. When PTB is blocked, the neuronal genes are activated and functional neurons can be produced. Neurodegenerative diseases are caused by defects in certain neurons, In Parkinson's the neurons stop producing dopamine.. Transplantations of fresh neurons could cure the disease, or at least relieve symptoms for many years.

More to follow

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Sounds amazing thanks for your info and input x

Wow - it sounds too good to be true!

Thank YOU for the info. GOD bless YOU.

I will be the guinne pig.............. sounds too good to be true......but, I have my fingers and toes crossed !!!

Thanks ronn. This does sound promising. Good news at last. Hope you are keeping ok.


thanks, sounds good as long as research is not funded by pharmaceutical companies wanting to make a quick profit..

Sounds really good, thanks for the info. .....I'll join you Jaynie as a guinea pig

It is good news.for all of us. How long more time medicine will take to come in market. . Anyway, I am going 2 see my consultant at hospital on Wednesday,hopfully He knows the answer?

Thank you; I feel it; there Will be a major breakthrough this year...Who's with me on this?

tlongmire in reply to Jash

Me for sure! Hopefully, it will happen sooner rather than later.

Hugs, Terri

First we need to find a marker that tells us that we have PD before the symptoms appear, because by then 80% of the brain cells involved have already died. Then we need a delivery system to get these brain cells where they're supposed to go. Yes, now is the time and I am the cure!

Thanks ronn. Please update as you learn more. It's very good news.

Hugs, Terri

Wow! That would be wonderful !


This has made my day!

I too really hope this is t h e o n e !!! Only being new to PD we do not really know what is in store for us yet but if this is at the fore front of research then my hubby would be in on the trials if possible. Keeping fingers crossed for everyone!!!

Thanks for sharing, hope it is in use soon enough to help those of us who are on this site currently!

Fantastic. This is the best news my wife has had in a long time. We are praying that it will come true.

Ummm just have to add that this was first achieved in that little acknowledged (Lord of the Rings) country at the bottom of the globe.

Sept 2012 report.


Scientists in Auckland have achieved a world first - by taking human skin and turning it into brain cells.

ronn in reply to Hikoi

Hikoi, I do not pretend to have the slightest understanding of the processes described in either claim, but it appears to me that the Aukland team reports having reduced the number of genes used for the process of reprograming from skin cells to neural precursor cells from 5 to just two. The UCSan Diego team claims having developed a "shortcut" involving the use of a single protein which, when blocked, allows the production of functional neurons.

The meaning of all the above escapes me. The whole thing reminds me of a story told about researchers at the University of XXXXXX. They claimed to have created a new animal species by fertilizing the egg of a female crocodile with the sperm of a male abolone. The result was a hybrid creature which they called an "Aba-dile". They admitted having also tried the reverse, using an ablone egg and crocodile sperm, but all they ever got was a "Crock-a-boloney".

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I wonder how long we will have to wait before this will help us.....

Hi ronn !

Interesting to read your post of 6 years ago >>>>>> everything is coming more

"realistic" >>> approximately on the same time Japanese and Americans are launching trials, to use the skin cells effectively on humans, this year.

I know a person in Germany who can go to the trial (in November in Amerika) : that means, certainly minimal waiting a year to hear about results (but perhaps, I will know something then because, he's becoming a good friend of me)

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