Heat or cold... which is harder to deal with?

It is now 30 degrees at 5000 ft in the desert and is expected to drop in to the teens the next 2 nights. During the summer it frequently hits above a 100 for months.

I am finding it much easier to handle the cold than the heat. It is difficult to maintain any activity level when the heat seems exhausting.

How do other PWP feel? I know ice and snow is brutally restricting, but what about just the temps?

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  • Cold!


  • me too

  • Cold !!!! hate it.

  • Me too, but I tolerate easalee.

  • it's easier for me to warm up in front of a log fire when it's freezing than to cool off when the temps are above 100 degrees

  • Heat! I am always sweating. It is snowing outside and I did not wear a jacket today. My thyroid is fine. I don't think it's hot flashes. I think it's temperature dysregulation from the pd. it is almost my worst symptom. I feel like my brain is boiling.

  • I'm having a generally poor day. However, I just spent 30 minutes in the yard with hose outlet management and heat lamp in the pump house to protect the lines from freezing. It is in the 40's with a desert windchill factor... it feels cold. If it was the same work activity in the heat I'd be slugging water as fast as I could and still be very miserable. Our house is for sale. We are planning to move to Oregon and join my son.

  • Cold

  • Heat! I can always bundle up or sit in front of the fireplace when it is cold, but the heat is oppressive and weighs me down. Plus, you can only strip down so far. But, it's livable.

  • Don't mind the cold can wrap up or get in front of fire. Heat, luckily we don't get real hot summers, but found on holiday my energy level low during the day.. But won't stop the holidays.

  • I have always loved the cold BUT this year its almost like it hurts. Cant wait for some warm.

  • I used to love the summers when I could go to the park and enjoy the fresh air. Now with PD I find it hard to get around so not so much fun. On the other hand, the cold seems to inhibit absorption of sinimet so I wear off sooner. On the whole I'm happier in the winter. I sleep better and don't mind layering. Sleet and snow are a problem with a walker but not much of that this year (here in NYC). I can't sleep with A/C running, so I don't sleep so well in summer. Is there a summer camp for pwp's? SOmeone start one, please, and I'll go :D

  • I'm a warm weather person. I lived in Las Vegas hot 8 years and now live near Las Cruces, New Mexico. We are having a cold front. It's 26 at 6:42 MT. My symptoms bother me when it gets cold. I usually k ow the day before a cold front hits. I'll take 106 any day.

  • Cold for sure! :-(

  • I can not deal with the heat at all! The cold I can function in! I have always been that way though! Maybe growing up in Minnesota has something to do with it? LOL!



  • I live in a sunny location. I participate in outdoor art festivals year round. I will sweat so much that I have to wear a bathing suit under my clothes....however, I feel great afterwards....all the toxins are being sweated out.......it is like hot box yoga.....it cleans your system.....so I prefer the heat.....the cold makes me hurt

  • As the Song goes ''It's either too hot or too cold

    He's either too young or too old.

    Nowt so queer as folks!

  • Before PD I loved hot weather. Now I find the hot weather exacerbates my PD symptoms. I find that overall I have a harder time both with functioning physically as well as losing some of my mental acuity as well.

    The only PD problem I've had with cold weather is if I am having slight tremors that shivering will typically start me to heavier tremoring. Fortunately my DBS has done away with most of my tremors - for now.

    Best wishes,


    Bisbee, AZ

  • The heat and humidity of the Southeast is draining on me. Last summer the airconditioning went out, it was a week waiting on repairs and parts. My PD became very symptomatic. I also take Azilect which can cause even more heat sensitivity.

    My body temp regulation is also messed up since the PD. About 8 months ago I had drops in my body temp to 94*F and was in horrific pain. My neuro just said it was the affect of the PD on the hypothalmus...

  • I'm curious about your observation that your body temp regulation is messed up since PD. I think mine is too. My average termperature has dropped to around 96.8F. The doctors say that is still within a normal range but I am always cold. I had never heard about an affect of PD on the hypothalmus. I wonder how common that is. How did you get your temperature to go back up after it went so low?

  • Hello Joanne,

    My dr. said they could do lots of interesting "studies" on this, but then what would we do to change it...Usual answer, you have PD, due to the affect it has on the autonomic nervous system, it can happen.

    My "normal" temp is about the same as yours. When it dropped so low, I was also having horrific CNS pain in my lower arms and hands. The really low temps lasted almost a week, would come up a bit and then drop back down. I wore a jacket, stayed under the covers with a heating pad. If it had stayed at 94* for a sustained time, I would have gone to the ER as body systems can also be compromised.

    I am an RN, so know a little bit about caring for myself, I would recommend that if someone was this low that they seek medical attention, though they would basically use warming blankets, etc. to get the temp up, basically what I did, just their method is a little more high tech.

  • hi i prefer the warm to th e cold weather- i say warm as i find it didficult when it si hot (rarely htese days in england!)

    and the codl makes myu arthritis worse!

    lol JIll


  • Jill... warm is cool isn't that cute?

  • I don't like cold weather. I usually stay indoors until spring.



    LOL jiLL


  • 48 and below... can not tolerate...every joint hurts...acupture gives relief for a few days..

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