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When I close

my eyes

all I see are

blank pages.



Glaring back

At me

A fleeting thought

Runs across

The page

As I try to

Write it down

it disappears


the margin.

I try again

this time

a few words,

a completed


racing across

the crisp

white space.

One word,

one word sticks,


It's jumping off

the page,



and angry!



Words begin


onto the page.

"what the hell",




does that mean"?

It is as if

my head had

opened and

every word and

every thought

now came

raining down,

pounding into

little black specks

that angry



filling the once

void space

with words,

my words,

my thoughts,

every inch

of the space

now filled


all the



& buts

of my soul.


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When you see that word as you close your eyes

take an eraser mentally and make it take out the t so that you ''can''

All the best


Very nice! Thanks for the great idea!


i sagree

ut in practic ei tsi difficult esp when people close ot you make you realise what you cannot do no twha tyou can do

lol JIll



So true, so true! I am so tired of the pats on the back or the top of the head along with the, "It's okay", "don't worry about it", "it's not important". Hell, if it wasn't important to me I wouldn't be trying to do it in the first place! Geese!


I love "Take your time!" Seeking the perfect retort :D


Amen sister! Well said JJ.


If someone pat me on the head like a good Dog

I am afraid I would turn round and give them a nasty nip ( I still have all my own teeth, all in good biting condition)

We do what we can that is all we can do our best at all times.


Though I do the best I can all of the time, even my closest friends do not see limitations creeping up on me. I have all but given up explaining how PD advances and am beginning to not care what others think. I know I am doing my personal best and so does my loving husband. That is all that is important to me,

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That is a wonderful attitude! I, like you, also have a hard time explaining Parkinson's.

Frustrating! Ugh! I hate this stupid disease!

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Despite all you have a talent that shines through the PD. Your poetry is beautiful.


Dear Jupiterjane;

Please don't hate PD or anything for that matter.

Hating PD will make it worse for sure.

It is what it is, and you are a wonderful person that refuses to be deminished my PD.

Hugs and love from Eva


Thanks for the compliment. I have been wanting to write to you for some while to compliment you on your poetry - especially the latest. Your subject hit right on target for

forgetting words..It probably is the most frustrating symptom of my PD. My dear husband used to say I had a bear trap memory. Now the words just sit on the tip of my tongue

daring me to figure out what is appropriate at any given time! We play a verbal game of Pictionary to guess what word I am looking for. . . .using the sentence without the word, basic description, and finally one of use will get it Most frustrating are the names of the plants in our garden, I now have drawn maps of the planting area and noted which plants are located where! That ingenuity has taken care of the embarrassment of not knowing the plant names.

Keep up your inspirational poetry. I just love it and it says what is in my heart




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