Has anybody else found that their tremors are almost entirely gone from one part of your body to another?

I was DX over 12 years ago and for a number of years my tremors were in my right hand and arm. Over time it spread to all four quadrants of my body, but recently I have noticed that the tremors in my upper body are completely gone and now I have a foot tremor? that is very annoying. My right foot when at rest bobs up and down quite fast. It becomes painful and giveme cramps in my legs. I take 6- 25/250 carbidopa/levadopa, plus 3 Amatadine 100mg plus othe medications for cholesteroll and blood pressure.

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  • Hello Larry33b,

    I read your question with interest although you are ahead of me with your symptoms and length of time with PD DX, but I would like to share with you something I have just found out about. It is that leg cramp may be caused by a shortage of the mineral magnesium. Apparently, up to 80% of us are deficient in magnesium in western countries and it is vital to our good health. Also, I note that you are taking medication for other medical problems which some people claim can leach out magnesium from the body over time. May I suggest that you visit a website that addresses magnesium deficiencies and their symptoms. It is this: Dr. Carolyn Dean. Com. You will be amazed at the importance of this mineral in the workings of the body and may find help there.


  • Larry

    Is this the same sort of tremor you had in the past? If it is different you are not describing dyskenesia are you?

  • I asked the doctor if he thought it was dyskenesia and he said no.

  • Larry,

    I've had a similar experience.

    On presentation, nearly 8 years ago, I had a small tremor in my right hand. Left hand had no tremor. I had RHS rigidity, none on the left.

    Now the tremor on the RHS is little worse, but there's a very bad tremor in the LH. Rigidity remains worse on RHS.


  • The same pattern I've experienced. Surprising, except for lack of rigitity here.

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