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Parky on my pillow, work in progress

Parky on my pillow

Makes me feel like an armadillo

Hard and slow, this armadillo

Dinosaur, dinosaur, Frozen in time, give me a minute and I’ll make him rhyme

When I wake up and open my eyes, there he is, my morning surprise

He’s not very pretty, not much to see, Mr. Parky used to kick the poop out of me

I’d wake up in the middle of the night, more than once it just wasn’t right, Snarky Parky would hold on tight

Now, Parky’s gone fishing with some other bait, because I refuse to be defined by a Parkinson trait

Parky Parky why you pick on me

Parky Parky get out to sea

Parky Parky I’ll set me free

I’ll move like a dancer, I’ll sing like a lark

I’ll kick your butt into the Dark

Parky on my pillow

Now, You look like a pussy willow

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Thats the best thing to ignore it when ever you can.

Fight it off at all times, dont let it win one point over your mind or body.

Yesterday I felt as stiff as a corpse.

I thought bugger this, I have too much to do.

I took myself off and walked up a hill near my home 1 in 3 Limber hill, it was a struggle but I did it, when I got to the top I could look down over the village I felt like drumming my chest like Tarzan (I wasnt dressed like him mind)

The stiffness had eased I felt elated.


way to go oldtyke! think I'll try today. won't cause too much comment here in NYC. :D


I enjoyed reading your piece. Very "perky".Th

e kick out to sea was a great idea!


Way to go! IT isn't easy to get yourself up and move. But it sure is the right thing to do.AN elderly lady, waiting in the doctors office with me said,"Keep walking and take your medicine>" That was the best advice I have gotten in thirteen years. It says it all!


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