The Social Security System Take On Parkinsons

The Social Security System Take On Parkinsons

Let me tell this story, In 2005 I was approved for ss benefits (social security benefits) in 2008 I was thinking of starting a small business mostly due to boredom. The florida social security gets wind off this , So they decide to investigate my claim. Now my business wasn't even started and a in florida you can make 900 a month while on ss. so after there invest they inform me i have gotten better. per a D.O. and their observations . I am like how pd doesn't improve but of course no one cares. my drs tell me to exercise get out do things and when i do they take money away. So no i have to wait till 2010 to have appeals hearing. Still denied , the admin judge reason why were b/c i can clean my apt. visit with my kids, and go to church.

Take a look at my link the entire case is in there. Its really quite funny. The juges name and number are in there feel free to call on my behalf

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  • The only silver lining is that when you are re-instated after a fight that I believe you will win, you will get all your back benefits retoactively. Good luck.

  • i would just like to get reinstated. thanks for your comment

  • I am so sorry that our Govt. is treating you this way! I know that you need to do something to "control" the PD, exercise etc, then they hold that against you...

    good luck keep us informed> I am in Sarasota...btw

  • thank you for your support and comment

  • I was denied disability coverage because i was a "Mr Mom" and didn't have the required work credits. I am still proud that I was a "Mr Mom", but wish that people were told about these things before it's too late.

  • well i was max out on credits been working since i was 15 teen served my country for 4 years and my state for 15. Then I get doors slammed in my face. yes I am a little bitter

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