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PD takes everything strips us naket in a cruel n, ruthless way

hope A CURE OR, length of rope, iv had enough,its my last day

PD wont kill you , but it eats you ,.zombie leaves only yesterday

approved drugs only or horizontal be carried out so watch out NOW ok

the drug companies need a new drug no side fx we just need a score

cell technology sea cells sea cells , whatever cells RELIEF NOTHING MORE

the power of money ,please someone, parkinsons funeral next year, im a goer

no one knows when a cure will come ,maybe here now, WHO CAN SAY FOR SURE

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Deep Philosphical words indeed.

I think all we can have is faith. Faith in oursleves (that keeps us going)

Faith in the hope we will get the best treatment available.

What makes me feel better now is, January is here, and spring will be on its way shortly.

That gives me a boost of incredible vigour to keep going.

Faith and hope is all we can have.

I wish you all the best and Happy New Year






Thank you so much. This touched me as though someone that knows PD held my hand.


Oh I am so sorry dear Parkinson's friend. We here understand. Take a little bit out of the day that pleases you, some ice cream? A look at birds at the feeder? Whatever gives you a sliver of happiness, just take it. Hugs.


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