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My New Year Pome

My New Year Pome

I dashed this off for a parquette who wished me HNY and thought it fit to share with y'all.

Note the rhyme scheme of abbaaccddc, a defining characteristic of the décima espinela form from Spain and dating from 1591.

2012 is almost done;

my calendar’s in the trash.

I’ll attend a midnite bash

and I’ll have my New Year’s fun.

Once again, around the sun

our poor planet makes its way

and as we start off I say

(and you know just what I mean)

let’s hope that 2013

brings more than it takes away.

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I'l second that!


yeah! a good one

lol JIll:-)


Woo-hoo, I'll drink to that and pray that's what happens for all of us. Happy New Year!

Hug, Terri