Well it’s that time of the year again LADIES DAY, we are now in our 15th year of this event.

What we do is we meet about 15 to 20 of our friends in a Pub in Glasgow and get hammered, some have to get carried to taxis and others just languish till the get picked up by there respective partners.

It all starts with Laraine and her friend Liz who decided that the Christmas holidays were too long to be stuck at home, I don’t know which one of them thought it up but it is a roaring susses we all meet at around 3pm and its just so much fun, it will last till last woman/man standing some times it can be as late as midnight or as early as 8pm.

Why do I go and I am no lady , well iam for the Day an honorary member, some of the Ladies husbands and partners are invited and they do turn up, So if there is any Parkie in Glasgow Today 30th Dec 2012 at around 15.00 hrs we are in Camperdown Pub just out side Queen street rail station

You are more than welcome to join us as we celebrate the last Day’s of 2012-12-30


Parkie Al


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  • Hello Al,sounds like a great time! Enjoy yourself,I cannot wait to hear how your day goes. Its so nice getting out with friends and having a few drinks. Our bartender Big Ed says he knows what kind of day/night I had by how much Disarrono is left in the bottle!! :)

  • I remember the day when I could almost drink my hubby under th table or atleast keep up with him. Thats been a few years now. I hope y'all have a wonderful time.

  • hi al#

    ]enjoy the party!!!

    lol Jill


    good to c u posting again

  • A small glass of Port and I am any bodies!

    I have never been able to tolerate alcohol for some reason.

    I ish wou all a Lappy hast day of the year hic, hic, hic!

  • Of course you know why, don't you Oldtyke, its just not enough training. Practice makes perfect.

  • I had one hang over on my 21st Birthday and swore I would never drink again

    I haven't really.

    The thought of practicing and those hangovers no thanks.

    Happy New Year! (when it comes)

  • I must confess that I don't get on terribly well with alcohol either. However it sounds like I have had just that bit more practice than yourself and can sometimes manage a modest quantity

  • Glasgow is a bit far for many of our southern and midland members. Perhaps someone who is good at organising things / people could get southern (or whatever area you want) events going. And if someone does organise extra ladies events perhaps you could invite a few gentlemen too. ... lol

  • Hi Pete i agree Glasgow is a bit far,i live in the READING and i would love to hear from this area who would love to do this it would be great B

  • Cheers! Bottoms up! Salud!, Skol! Keepies! Chin chin!...........I'll have another!

  • Sounds like the perfect way to end the year! I miss those days...don't dare drink with all the meds but guess I probably had more than my share "back in the day". Happy New Year to all on this site and may we ALL have a happy and healthy (as possible) year ahead.

  • Cheers to all. Happy new year!

    Hugs, Terri

  • Glasgow is across the ocean from me , but have a great time ! I don't drink anymore, but do remember when I used to .......Happy New Year!

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