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I had my first mri today. Sitting feeling down in a rather fetching tie at the back gown i got talking to lovely old lady. She had just had been told 2 days ago she had leukemia. boy did that smack me right back to earth. she had so many operations and beaten cancer previously. Not in habit of cuddeling strangers but i just had to. i have parknsons bring it on 22013 everyone i wish you all a good one x x x

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I don't want to live with PD till 22013!!!


Lol i meant 2013 . The tremour makes typing a prob some times.



We can always find someone worse off than ourselves

It is quite nice to wake up in a morning to find ourselves awake even if we struggle out of bed or have difficulty with buttons etc.

Life is still good when we can compare it to many other peoples lives.


This is so true oldtyke! Some days it's harder to deal with than others, but you are so right. We do not have to look far around us to find someone that has things worse than we do! See my post on "My Prayer/Poem for 2013."




Thankyou I have read your Poem and it is quite wonderful.

I wish you a Happy New Year

kind regards oldtyke


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