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I have been reading alot of posts on here and alot of people with Parkinsons are especially talented. I am very touched by the positive attitudes that most of you have. It's nice to have this site to visit. Alot of people care about me but you all understand what its like to have Parkinsons. I am here to learn as much as I can about what to the coming years. This is my start in educating myself about Parkinsons. Hopefully I can learn and also share my journey with you too.


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Yes, we do all understand. My symptoms are not that bad except depression is the worst. It is like a dark pit and veil that comes over me. I thank God it doesn't stay all the time. I am on 2 antidepressants.


We do all understand; just discovered this site myself this week...and its wonderful to see others deal with things I do.

I understand the depression; most of the time I am good...but would not give up my Cymbalta...I have my 94 yr old Mom living w/ us...and it is just too much for me..very stressing as she is hard of hearing and getting short term memory loss. think I am going to see about some help to come periodically.

I used to be a great multi-tasker; but now have to concentrate to keep on track alot of times...worrying about another person who can't remember is just too much. my home is also slipping...can't seem to get enough done each day. laundry and washing dishes are my mainstays...alot of other stuff is not so good..**sigh** reading about compulsions does help me understand my internet activity...I love Facebook, and play many games etc on also seems to keep you up on world happenings...surprised me how many people on it during the day are disabled...and at night when its the middle of the night you have another whole group of friends from overseas...we are not alone...and some friends I've met deal w/ much more than I do. This site is fantastic!! I love having another group of friends that understand exactly what I'm going through.


I have always been very particular about my housework but now I have accepted that I don't want to spend time stressing over it. It gets done but not as Glad you found this site also.Welcome


I is my ego and i is my conscience. i come to this site to tell people what I want to do. I want to play my guitar. I want to paint a picture. I want to go for a walk. I want to be with people. If know that if i try hard enough I can do all of this.


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