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I have to fight the Beast

I was 33 yrs when I was diagnosis with the Beast . In 2007 I was laid off for 2 yrs I was looking for work and for 2yrs my parkinsons got worse my doctor suggested that I go on SS disability . I was up to 2 pills of L- Dopa every 2hours and not lasting as long . That's when I decided to look in clinical trials because I didn't want DBS . And found a trial that uses gene therapy this was 2009 and was lucky to get chosen . Went to Boston to have it done had 2 holes drilled in my head and had it done. But because this was a double blinded trial there was chance that I would get it . After that they said it will take six months to see any impovement . During that time nothing ! Then in June 2010 got the call that I didn't get the gene therapy . I went back in september 2011 to get the real treatment now I have to wait 6 months to see.

I will write again to post my results .

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My dr's tried t0 get me to do that trial but and a bunch more but i m not with dr,s experimenting on me. 1st of all there not proven 2nd you dont no if your getting the treatment or not. 3rd i am no ginnie pig. 4th if it doesnt work it my exclude me from another treatment that does 5th if it actually works it going to be available anyway. god bless you for putting your self out there for us. i hope it works


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