Lost and Found

12.10.12 for Howard S.

Lost in a pit and losing my Soul

I was searching for the answer to make me whole

Down in Limbo, I couldn’t see

What I needed to heal me

Shaking all over and living in doubt

Frozen in time I wanted to shout

“If I can’t go within then I’ll have to live without

Why me? Why me? Why me?

And where, oh where is my recovery?

I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t move my hands or my feet..

I can’t play, I can’t dance, guess I’ll never make it back to France”

Then I found you and your Qi Gong Qi

So, now I’m finding a different me

"I have the power to heal myself

I have the power within me

I have the power to heal myself

I am recovery."

Now I am blessed with joy and peace

My pain is less as my hopes increase

Just a matter of time til my problems cease

And I’ll be one who’ll find release

"I have the power to heal myself

I have the power within me

I have the power to heal myself

I am My recovery".

10 Replies

  • You do have the Power

    I wish you all the best.

  • As do you, (have that power)

    As do I, (wish you well)

  • What is Qi Gong Qi??????



  • Qi is the energy the enlivens everything. Humans, rocks, wind, sun, beliefs, everything has Qi. Qi Gong is a catch-all phrase for Martial Exercises, usually based in the breath and targeted to specific organs or acupuncture meridiens. So, Qi Gong Qi is the energy derived from doing those exercises. I hope that helps!

  • Very nice. :-)

    Hugs, Terri

  • Yes, Thank you!



  • So, where does one go to learn Martial Exercises. A trainer or advisor in the KC area would be a Godsend. A website, book or video would be good too.


  • This is a website that has specific QiGong exercises for Most Parkinson patients.


  • Thank you very much.

    I was really moved by your poem, by the way. Having just discovered this site, I look forward to learning, inspiration and the banishing of the feeling of hopelessness..

  • beautifully stated.

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