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My Job

Hi everyone

Well just thought I'd update you on my new job. I work as a domicillary care worker caring for mainly elderly people in their own homes...some are just very frail, some are very ill with cancer, dementia etc etc.......some even have Parkinson's!

Anyway all is going really well, I love my job it is so rewarding. I forget about my own PD when I see how old, frail and ill some of these dear people are. The ones with PD are in late stage so can't get on without help from people like myself. Ok so the hours are unsociable and I'm on shift Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day but we get paid accordingly. I feel privelidged to be caring for my clients, sometimes I'm the only face they may see all day. I had a long day yesterday (Wed) as my last call, the lady was complaining of chest pains so I called for a paramedic and she was taken to hospital. I called her family today and she's fine it was just acid reflux but they thanked me for my help and I soon forgot I'd been on shift since 7.30am, I got home at 11.30pm and was back on this morning at 8am..til 10pm.......LOVE MY JOB!!


Love and Hugs

Andy xx

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Merry Xmas to you Al! Tony


Hi Andy

Pleased you love the job you sound so caring and I am sure the people you care for are benefiting from your care. As a nurse I know how stressful both physically and emotionally so remember to take good care of yourself too . Enjoy Christmas when you can

Luv Joan xxx


So pleased things are working out well for you, Andy. You are lucky, there are not too many people who can say they love their job. Long may it continue.

Sue :-)


Give all of your best in your caring, but always remember to care for yourself also.

I really do wish you all the happiness in the world.



Good for you! I have fears of having to be in a residence where people are supposed to care and don't! :( but you give me hope. And we pwp's can be productive and helpful. Happy hollidays!


Good for you Andy. So happy things are going so well. Happy Holidays!

Hugs, Terri


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!


You are a star

Merry Christmas my friend


I wonder if this site thinks we all suffer some form of Dementia

This post is from last year.

Ah yes I remember it well, Oh yes I do!


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