i joined this site last november and almost straight away i started talking to a wonderful lady i'll not name her but she knows who she is i'd just like to say over the last year she as been there for me in the dark times and the happy times and i'd just like to say thank you to her forr being such a wonderful person to know its just a pity we had to meet because of pd but like i said to her if we did'ent have it we would'ent have each other has anybody else struck up such a friendship on here

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  • I've struck up friendships with several different people because of this site. We've swapped mobile numbers e-mails Skype addresses facebook etc. they know who they are and I too would like to say a heartfelt thank you to them.

    Much love


  • There's always someone in the same boat who welcomes you, understands and is more than willing to send you a lifeline.....Sometimes, you read sad stories and you send the's a fraternity we didn't choose, but one that makes us realize we can get by with a little help from friends...

  • Hi, i am a new comer to this site and i find it very helpful as i am in the first stages of P D .i would love to be able to share my new experiances with someone .I am female ,middle 70s widow so that means i dont have the support of a partner i have a family but i think they are a bit confused to how they can help me at this time.I live in THE UNITED KINGDOM berkshire area,so is anyone out there interested in being my PEN PAL ha ha ,hope so, hears waiting in anticipation

  • Hiya Barbie people can get very confused by PD andhave found denial to be a big problem for family. I live in West Sussex was raised in Surrey. Hope you are getting lots of information and support on thisdreaded disease I am 55 years old and have had this for 4 years.

  • Hi dawny,yes as you said my family are unable to cope at the moment but i think the problem is they are not taking the trouble to look things up on the Internet or anywhere else for imformation as they have never discussed this problem with me and i sometimes think it is they dont care enough,perhaps i am wrong i hope so as its going to be a long lonely journey for me is ther anyone who feels the way i do or perhaps its me,i am not depressed but is a bit disheartening to say the least.

  • was hoping there would be a reply tonitei I have really missed u leaving for airport inabout 2 hours will tryand get my hands on my son's computer and check for a messae from u


  • I am still here

  • i am still here

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