i have been treated for parkinson's since my diagnosis in 2009, but now am under going some further eval's and testing because the doc. thinks i may have something else, called msa. anyway he started me on comtan to take with my sinemet and mirapax to try and help with my "wearing off" periods in between doses. and i was on them for about 4 - 6 weeks and he 1st had me take with every other dose of sinemt (which is every 4 hrs., bec, i take my sinemet every 2 hrs.) and then after a few weeks increase to every dose of sinemet. he did it his way to see if i would get the abdominal issues associated with taking comtan. during this 4 - 6 weeks i was having pretty bad dyskinisia (and this was just with taking every other dose, which was every 4 hrs.) and i didn't have any real benefit from prolonging the effects of the sinemet to improve my 'wearing off". there were maybe a few times the sinement woudl last longer, but i had this without the comtan. i did however, increase to taking the comtan to every dose (every 2 hrs.) with my sinemet, i was hesitant. Did this for almost a week... couldn't handle it anymore., has anyone else had any negative responses to taking comtan?

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  • Hi tmhiggs,

    I was on Comtan for the same reason to lengthen my PD drug, Madopar. It worked well for the 1st few days. Then I was violently vomitting. I had to stop taking it. Last month I started to take Rasagiline which helped. Then I had the vomitting issue again!

    The best thing is to take as little frug as you can avoid!


  • I did a Comtan trial twice. It wore off fwap like a blackout! My ab issues were worsened. I put myself back on sinimet. I was under the impression that I could not walk and needed a health care attendant to go anywhere. Guess what. I took a walking class with a PD group, upped my sinimet, added a little more caffeine and I am out walking a lot. By myself! Good thing because I can't afford an HCA right now.

  • I've been on Comtan the last 3 years with no apparent side effects. I take with Sinemet. Here is my med regiment for PD and dosage amount.

    6am- 1 Sinemet, 1 Comtan, 1 Ropinorole CR, 1 Cymbalta

    9am- .5 Sinemet, 1 Comtan

    12n- .5 Sinemet, 1 Comtan

    3pm- 1 Sinrmet, 1 Comtan

    6pm- 1 Sinemet, 1 Comtan

    9pm. 1 Sinemet

    10pm. 2 Clonazepam, flomax and other OTC

    This seems to work for me. I do slow done in late afternoon. No apparent side effects from Comtan.

  • I took Comtan as part of Stalevo. Which is a compound drug that contains Comtan and Carbedopa/Levadopa. I took this for many years with no adverse reactions. Good luck.

  • My former neurologist put me on Comtan to alleviate any wearing off periods--in March. In May I began having esophegeal spasms, could not hold food down, nor water by June. I was hospitalized many times. Told had anxiety issues. Had inquired about Comtan's effecting the digestive problems and was met with "Never heard of its doing such."

    After 3 months, hospitalizations, including 2-1/2 weeks in rehab after complete dehydration and loss over 15 pounds, I am home, back at TaiChi, painting, new neurologist, 1/3 the sinemet I had been taking, NO Comtan, and inability to digest food easily. Eat foods that have been pureed, and only small amounts at a time. If you have any reservations about Comtan, do as I say, not as I did: DO NOT TAKE COMTAN.

  • I remember we were having the N/V issues about the same time. After months, mine finally cleared, still don't know the reason, could be the Azilect. Whatever the reason, I am glad that it has subsided.

  • thank you everyone for your comments!

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