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Missing out?

Missing out?

I have the impression that a number of our contributors and readers are unaware of the relationship between this website and PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT.

This website (Parkinson's Movement at Health Unlocked) is a part, and an important part, of the whole bigger PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT.

We want you to contribute to this website and to be part of the PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT community - to share in the experience and to share your thoughts with us.

But if you only stay here and do not check out the parent organisation's website, you are only getting a partial picture of PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT, what it is and how you can participate.

For this reason, the top right of the menu bar invites you to "Go to Parkinson's Movement. If you want to make the best use of this website, and get the most out of it all, you need to check out that link too.

Who knows what you're missing!

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thank u for sharing


We have acquired many new members over the last few weeks and there is a lot of chat, which is great. but PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT is much more than a chatroom. Check out for a wealth of content. Sign up for the newsletter, and join in. PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT looks to the future. PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT wants answers. PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT wants more than chat. PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT wants actions.


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