A huge thanks to all .... and 2013

Hello friends, supporters and fellow Parkinson's folk. As the year draws to an end I feel bloomin' thankful to have had an awesome one. Yes OK so I am Mrs Optimism, tigger bounce happy, cheerleader type ..... but believe me my challenges are the same as yours, and without you good people here, well, you know what I am saying, and I wanted to thank you all, very sincerely.

I am looking forward to 2013, and a few changes, new ideas and stuff. I am uncertain if my 'paid' work will continue I find out this week. It will be tough if it doesn't, but not impossible. More than the finances will be the loss of my contribution in a 'proper' professional capacity. However on the up side I have more 'dicking about' time, this is good. So I am planning a lot more broadcasting, to learn some French before WPC Canada, to take tap dancing classes (if I can find one, and because my right leg and foot are throwing in the towel) to continue drumming and lots of other good things.

Hope that you all enjoy something about the holidays, frankly even if its the Morecombe and Wise re-runs .... I don't have TV but am about to google the Andre Previn (Preview) sketch ...... teehee

Happiness & Love



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  • Thanks to you for your upbeat... and any beat postings. I too had trouble with the loss of a professional contribution. Also lost control of right foot drum skills. It's all about the art of losing.

  • What a great way to look at 2012, It wasn't a bad year but could have improved if we had any positive on the research world.

    Having retired in 19999,Dec31st,, I have had the ups and downs of retirement but keep my mind active on spreading the word about PWP and their careers.

    The physical problems disappear if the mind games that PD plays and your approach is GREAT.

    However I have a general warning. We recently acquired a new member of the household, an new puppy.. This long haired miniature Dachshund has in one month

    taken over the home. Wrecked my i phone and left me with physical problems from using muscles to pick him up which haven't been used for years because of PD.

    I wouldn't change the situation for anything as he has given us a new lease on life.

    Now if we could only complete his toilet training before New YEar111

  • The wonderful thing about Tiggers

    Is Tiggers are wonderful things.

    Their tops are made of rubbers

    The bottoms are made of springs.






    Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!!!

    The wonderful thing about Tiggers

    Is I'm the only one

  • Pooh was humming, 'pom tee pom pom, diddle diddle dom' it was a random hum, something he did when he wasn't very sure of something. ' pooh' said Piglet, what kind of hum is that?' ' it's an unsure hum' said Pooh ' I am sure it is'. 'oh' said Piglet trying to pretend he knew what an unsure hum was, he wasn't sure about a sure hum. But Pooh knew best. 'you see Piglet' said Pooh, who was starting to get a little distracted on account of it being lunchtime, ' I'm not quite sure about this Parkinson's Disease' ...Piglet winced the word disease scared him. But Pooh carried on ' I'm not quite sure so I made a little hum, about not being sure, and now it doesn't seem to matter.' 'doesn't matter?' squeaked Piglet... 'no' said Pooh, 'I hummed it away' 

    Keep humming....

  • "Oh dear" said Eeyore. "I'm not too sure I can cope with all this humming".

    "Oh... oh d... oh dear me. Can you do my humming for me. oh dear". Pooh said he would try and Eeyore said he felt a little better now that he knew he wouldn't have to hum all on his own.

  • Good old Eeyore! My granddaughter had a Tigger she took every where. It was once left in a cab and took a 50 mile ride to be returned. My daughter gladly paid as granddaughter couldn't sleep without it. Hum away. Glad to not have to hum all on my own.

  • Thanks HH for a great year. Your contributions are always appreciated and keep me focused on trying to remain positive and trying new things.

    Believe it or not I started Bowling and Bocce Ball. I have adapted both for my physical abilities and have friends that assist me. I, thankfully, have only fallen once. My head was on top of my ball and I was on my knees with my butt up in the air. When my husband and sister came to help me up I said "does this alley make my butt look big"? Ha, ha laughter is the best medicine.

    Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year. :-) :-)

    Hugs, Terri

  • hi al

    espp TERRI for your joke a tyourself




    LOL jiLL



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