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Things that Go Bump in the Night on the Bucket List Tour

Things that Go Bump in the Night on the Bucket List Tour

[Lori and I have been residing at the Butterfield Stage Motel in Deming, NM since the end of October. It is the second stop on the Bucket List Tour and has been so interesting, we have stayed. Today's edition is about things that go bump in the night. No, I am not talking about my Parkinson's making me fall. The room we reside in is haunted.]

Lori shot the photo that accompanies this story in our haunted motel room. I know it looks faked, but I swear it is not. I could not see the entity with the naked eye. It did not show up in a total of 20 photos shot this evening and last evening.

As I said above, We have been staying at the Butterfield Stage Motel since October. From the first night we were here, Lori and I heard the sounds of footsteps on the roof, the sound of the door to the room opening and closing and other noises in the room. These happen day and night.

This evening we did some ghost hunting using an EVP meter, EMF detector, audio detector and a geoscope. We asked several questions which were answered on the audio detector by electronic voice responses. We heard from three separate entities in the room. One said his name was Sam. One said "Ed Brailey," my deceased brother's name.

Sam said he makes the footstep sounds on the roof. Other words we picked up during EVP session were "Bye," "arrived," "barrow," "hurry," and "juice."

The first audible response freaked Lori out. A distinct voice said, "bye." She almost dropped the recorder and ran to the bed where I was as quickly as she could. Once she calmed down, I told her to go back to where the EMF meter indicated the ghosts were and ask them to come back. Soon, an electronic voice said, "arrived." When asked his name, we received the reply "Sam."

We didn't hear my brother's name until we rechecked the instrument. What we initially thought was the word "Ebay," was actually "Ed Brailey."

My brother passed away three years ago this March.

Several other odd things have occurred since we've started monitoring the paranormal activity in our room. Last evening, I had just turned to a Google + page about overweight soldiers being put out of the Army and the device we use to allow us to listen to EVPs said, "Army" as I arrived at that page.

Lori was talking about food and a voice said, "Get fat."

I don't believe these spirits to be malevolent in any way. In fact with some of them, it is just the opposite, they seem to laugh at us at times.

These spirits seem active all the time. Yesterday Lori was playing a trivia game on line, subjects she knew very little about. She asked the spirits to help her with the answers. I told her to make the first choice that comes into her mind. There were a dozen or so multiple choice questions, Lori got all but two correct and says with those two she didn't choose the first answer that came into her mind, which turned out to be the correct response.?

My wife is a night owl and is usually still awake for the most active time of noises. I go to sleep around 2 AM and get up around 10 AM. Lori sleeps in spurts and we both usually take a nap in the late afternoon. But we have gotten used to them and if they are especially noises Lori can usually say "Knock it off guys," and they quiet down for a while.?

Well, that's our story and as I said it is absolutely true. On Tuesday I hope to attend a social with my Parkie friend Jon's support group in Las Cruces. More about that next week.

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I know just where you are coming from and how people can scoff, but I live in an old Railway Station which is very haunted. Just down the road is an old bridge, I have a Photo of it with people walking across the river bed when it must have been a ford. There are four people in the photo, two adults, and two children, the clothing looks reminicsent of Romans.

I think we are very priveliged if we are allowed to see or hear anything supernatural.


I've been very interested in the paranormal since 2004 when I, as a skeptic, was invited to a group reading. My father, who passed away when I was 16 (I am now 65), showed up and was spot on in relating things that only he and I knew and some things even I didn't know and had to verify with my mother later. Since that life-changing event, I've gone on to hone my psychic abilities. I communicate with my father often. The other night was the first time my brother has communicated with me since he passed, but he didn't like me much, lol. I wish I lived near you. I would love to see if I could "talk" with any of the spirits in your home.


I know at times there are many people gathering in my sitting room (which was the booking office) many people passing through, lots of emotions I imagine.

I think they leave an imprint.

I can feel them My dog can too. I have had money thrown at me, a few years ago some coins dropped into my lap, and also one on the floor which was spinning for ages.

I have seen a young girl quite clearly, she was staring at me through the door to the Ladies waiting room.

It is nice to know there are other people who experience such episodes.

I think I have always been psychic since a child


Fascinating! I am not scoffing, I find it very interesting. Now I should try to go back to bed. It's 4:30 a.m. and I've been up since 2:30. Hopefully, there will be no bumps in the night so I can rest well.

Hugs, Terri


We are the only people who have lived in our house since it was built . It has the usual everyday knocks and creaks you get when it contract though the different temperatures.

My husband is always hearing sounds noices bumps especially , he also see shadows and people ,

but I put it all down to his Parkinsons . He even talks to them his face gets quite animated as he smiles at them and chuckles .. Something he doesn't seem to be as able to do when he is awake these days .

It never happens to me , I haven;t got Parkinsons (Fortunately)

A simialr thing happened to my mother after she had a stroke .


We moved into a model home in a new subdivision outside San Antonio, TX in 1985. We would hear doors closing, music and singing and water would turn on in the sinks. My wife and daughter saw a small boy upstairs twice and once in the backyard, which had a six-foot fence and locked gate. Each time they saw the boy, he would be gone if they turned away or called out to someone to verify it.


Try a little Spanish when communicating. Deming was part of Mexico until 1848. A friend of mine in Orlando was videotaping a TV show and encountered a Spirit that communicated more in Spanish. I'll see both of you tomorrow


I find this all very interesting. For the past few years I have been having what I can only say is a third party listening moment. It is as though there is people in the next room talking to each other. I have asked my hubby if he has heard anything at the same time but he doesn't. I like to think that our friends and family are still around us if just in spirit :)


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