Today i went for my First meeting with my consultant since being dx in JAN.... I have been waiting on mri and brain scan since JAN. But the scanner i glasgows southern general is broken .... Ok this i understand. Then the consultant lets slip there is another scanner in aryshire where i live but its not financialy viable to switch it ON..... I cannot believe this.this scanner would benefit so many people not just us parkies. Watch this space my sister was with me in the meeting. She is as i type emailing the scottish mp margo mcdonald a fellow parkie. Lets hope we can get this scanner switched on....

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  • Its a disgrace that they wont turn it on!! DISGUSTING Hope you get some answers

  • HI


    LOL jiLL


  • Hi Mitch,

    That is a fecken disgrace, why did they not send you to the Royal, that’s where i got mine done , who is your consultant? Having to wait a year is a nonsense, i see my Parkie consultant and Nurse every 3 months as a matter of fact i seen them yesterday , and they told me the fantastic news that i am now at stage 3 , you can imaging how thrilled i was ( Not) any way why don’t you have a go at them, Margo is first class and will certainly help , also email j.barnes@dailymail.co.uk she wrote a piece this week on Parkinson’s this would get some exposure and highlight that we Parkies are still not in the for front of peoples minds when it comes to treatment, sorry to Rant but it gets me pissed off the way we are treated , only on Saturday I was again subject to Strathclyde’s finest , who insisted they take me home as they thought I wass pissed , well was pissed after that , Pissed off that is.

    If you need any help give me a call on my mobile 07710270191,




  • Hi Al

    You certainly do get them. This is why I have always thought Parkinsons should get more exposure. No one should be accused of being drunk. If it is not caused by Parkinsons it could be a diabetic hypo. You mention a piece in the Daily Mail. Has this been published yet as I am still to see anything in the Press or elsewhere about Parkinsons Awareness.

    Please keep posting. We missed you.


  • Hi Sue,

    It was published on Tuesday this week



  • Hi Al

    Its me again! Got the paper out of the bin, but we still can't find the article. I wonder whether the papers do not always contain the same articles, depending on where they were printed? This is really frustrating me as I feel as though it is there, but we are missing it. Off for another look.


  • Thanks al i will not rest till this is resolved. Sorry to hear that the police have treated you so bad. My friend will be interested in hearing this. I hope you have had an apolgy from them.. Its time for a change in the way people see parkinsons.this is now my mission and my girls sre on the case too. I will keep u informed. As for my treatment they have all but attmitted i i have been lost in paperwork. They wont forget me again. As for my consultant the dr i saw today a dr tyiaki or something actually dx me ad habing carool tunnel in 2010 snd sent me home. I then saw dr jack who gave me the good news. North ayrshire nhs. I havent seen a parkie nurse yet but thats my fault i havent contavted her.

    Watch this space x

  • Whatever next. A scanner that is not turned on because of cost. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and in spite of asking for a DAT scan, I have never had one. It appears that I would have to come off my meds and I am not prepared to do this. They cause me enough problems without messing around with them.

    I may be wrong, but I thought the Consultant assigned you a Parkinsons Nurse. I know that mine made contact with me. I have another one now and cannot speak highly enough of her and her colleague. In the last week they have contacted me 3 times and also brought my appointment with the Consultant forward by a few weeks. In addition to this, they discuss my case with the Consultant weekly and advise me of her comments.

    Good luck with your campaign. I will watch this space.


  • I have a parkie nurse but i have not contacted her as i dint feel i bad enough to take up her valuable time. But i will call her after festive season. Im glad you are getting great support. Think my main problem is i still havent accepted i have pd...

    Have great christmas x

  • Would they like a donation to the electric bill i.e a shilling for the meter?

    A total waste of money having a scanner they will not use after all it has to be serviced if used or not, so they may as well make use of it.

    Some administrators can never see further than thier noses.

    They know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

  • Maybe...just maybe...they don't have the funding for the professionals needed to use the scanner. Like mothballed wards: the buildings & beds are there but there's no money in the pot for staff.

  • Socialized medicine at its finest my dear. Just wait till the same thing starts to happen here in the States and it will. I am against nationalized health care of any kind and this is just one example. If it gets its hooks in deep enough how can you stop them from one day saying that a child born with birth defects must be euthinized because of the long term health care cost. Or older unhealthy people just not being able receive medical treatment for cancer, Alzheimer's, PD and the like because of the huge financial burden in puts on the country. By the time it happens, it is too late to stop it. But hey, you wanted it.

  • i live in dundee and it took months for my mri and dat scan i was d in 2006 and i have turn 31 years old there should be funding for it thou there is enough money to give the junkies the meth and dla and every other thing they need and dont get me started on all the other drains on the funding how about the goverment start trying to help the people that really need it ,instead of making it so dam hard to get a simple DLA answer!xx

  • Dont start me on junkie scum. My elderly mother had to stand in chemist until i asked thenm to get up and show some respect. I got a mouth full. I didnt miss with my reply. I work and dtruggle at times and they get more on benefits than i do on a salary. I learned another intetesting fact thro my work. Asylum seekers get 100 a month spending money ...all i want is my scan and treatment fir pd that i have thro no fault of my own. Rant over lol

  • let's all be come Asylum seekers and get the £100.00 per month and put it towards getting the scanners working , any one up for some fun?

    we should get a pettition going , lobby the Scottish paeliament , get Alex salmond off his fat arse to some good instead of bleating on about indapendance.



  • All my kicking up hell is working. I have my mri on friday. I have to go to clydebank for it ad syrshire is to busy. Bet they made me travel cause i complained. I still drive so no problem lol. Have a great christmas x

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