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Parkinsons UK Public Awareness Campaign

I, and I expect many other people, have received an e-mail about the launch of the above campaign. This is a subject very near to my heart, as many of you will remember that a small group on this Site tried very hard to raise awareness ourselves. Without success.

There will be adverts on TV and in the Press, on billboards and other places in an effort to raise awareness of Parkinsons. This is a welcome event and can only help to get people to understand our condition and, perhaps, be more sympathetic when coming into contact with us. Lets hope so.


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I too receved an e-mail and I couldnt agree more. Lets hope the campaign is a 100% success


So far I have not seen any reference to this campaign anywhere, so perhaps we should not be looking for a 100% success. Probably too near Christmas and not geared to make people take notice. Hope I am wrong as awareness needs to be highlighted.

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the material that has been devised is certainly noticeable. I have not yet seen it "out there". but it is enough to make people stop and think.


Ive posted it all over my facebook. It has got friends talking. Alot havent realised parkinsins is more than just my hand shaking. Lets keep this going and make surein 2013 everyone knows a bit more. Im still learning myself.


I received the e-mail telling me about the campaign of awareness. I was also intriged and delighted to see the Parkinson's awareness mentioned as one of the main topics of news on the tv. It was mentioned on the ITV 1 (Wales region) on Monday night at 6pm. My family were visiting at the time and after Parkinson's was talked about as an item on the news channel (to which my family were glued to) the questions about the different symptoms were talked about and a few said that they didn't know enough about Parkinson's. One even said sorry for not understanding what Parkinson's involved!


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