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positive thinking and dealing with parkinsons,

Hi i am maria and i am a 53 mother of 3 grown up daughters me and my husband became grandparents in march with a grandson, + another grandchild dew in feb 2012 next year, basically was diagnosed at 40 went as far as i could on meds so went on the 10 year trial for deep brain stimulation in newcastle uk, My passion is northern soul music, and the dancing which goes with it . and if bye luck my speech therapist was in a band and one of the members worked at phoenix radio voluntary so to cut a long story short am currently nmaking cds of pre-recorded shows and selling them at £3.50 , for the parkinsons disease society which i am giving £2, the radio station which i am giving a £1 to,which is stuggling at the moment .. and is also struggling to get a grant in which to help me and have been helping me on, a voluntary basis , and 50p to me for replenishment. for cd civers, paper , ink, etc.

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Hi Maria!

I think you are absolutely right. It's important to be passionate about something (or many things). Positive thinking doesn't make the problem go away, but it helps so much in being able to deal with it.

PD has given me motivation for fully living and enjoying life. I used to spend too many hours at work. Now I am focused on the important things.


ty joe for those lovely kind words


Great respect tou you Maria, this is the attitude everyone should adopt, we have a condition, yes its s**t, buts its not terminal, some poor people are worse of than us ! enjoy life , be all you can be :)


thankyou i think god picked the special people to have this because only the best can deal with it, in my eyes theres no other way of dealing with it like you say hamish always someone worse off. i love this site its brought out so many positive people.and friendly .


Maria I have bee Pd for 2 years ( propably longer but never knew ) my hobbie is golf, played since I was 6 ( now 50) just won my first competition ! happy boy :)

But it makes me believe " I have Parkinsons, but Parkinsons doesn't have me "

I am in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK...where are you /


i'm in huddersfield w/yorkshire uk. not got me either hamish not gonna let it,