Bucket List -- Does This Count?

Bucket List -- Does This Count?

One of my accomplishments on my Bucket To Do List is to spend some time at a nudist colony. Well, yesterday Lori and I ventured to our favorite New Mexico state park, City of Rocks. Less than a mile away sits the Faywood Hot Springs. Since my wife wasn't feeling well, I stopped at the spa's gate to learn more about their facility.

Faywood Hot Springs is a high desert oasis with many natural geothermal pools of different temperatures for those who wish to experience healthful rejuvenating mineral water to soothe the body and soul. It is located between Deming, where we have been staying since October and Silver City.

There are over a dozen mineral soaking pools - all outdoors. Some are public and some are private. Lori and I didn't bring bathing suits so we chose a private soaking pool where we could soak in the buff. I'm not sure this qualifies as a visit to a nudist camp since the only naked people we saw was each other and no other people saw us in our naked state, What do you guys think?

The mineral water in our pool was about 110 F. Since the air temperature was in the low 60s, getting out after 15 minutes in the pool was a most exhilerating experience. We had the pool reserved for an hour so we had about three 15 minute periods in the water.

I'm not going to say this was a therapeutic experience, nor do I recommend hot springs for all Parkies, but I will say I left Faywood refreshed and feeling great.


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  • Well, Lori and I are slowly driving west. We kind of got stuck here in New Mexico because it is a great time of the year for birding here and the state is full of natural spots.

  • Japan has lots of natural hot springs (called *onsen*), and they've been used as therapeutic centers for centuries. My town has about six *onsen* within ten minutes' drive of where we live. I've been going more frequently since my PD diagnosis, and while I doubt they have any effect on the long-term, they sure feel great, especially after a day of working in the garden or on the house.

  • No hot springs round here on the Moors in Yorkshire, but there are three full and mucky Garden ponds with ice on them. If I jumped in them I would come out shaking People would just think I was cold. Who'd know I had PD?

  • LOL :-D

  • Sounds like another bucket list accomplished. To me it dosent matter if other people are around, mission accomplished. Jeff and Lori, we are having our support group meeting in Las Cruces on Tuesday, Dec. 18th. It's a Holiday social and maybe you can tell about your successful bucket list!

  • Lori says that sounds great. Give me the time and place and we'll try to be there.

  • Tuesday, Dec 18th, 10am Southwest Sports & Spine, 1181 Mall De. Corner of Idaho and Mall Dr.

  • Do we need to bring anything for the social, Jon?

  • It's potluck so bring what you want.



  • The Hot Springs sounds great - whatever the rules

  • Thanks Jenny. On Saturday, when we went to the hot springs, the air temperature was about 63F. Since Monday, the lows at night have been in the teens and low twenties and days have been in the low 50s. We plan to visit the springs again between Christmas and New Years, temperature permitting.

  • with or without bathing suits????

  • They have public bathing suit optional and private bathing suit optional pools. Lorfi and I optevd for the private sans bathing suit. But that's okay, I've seen her naked before. ;)

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