What an impact ???? in what way please

When people change meds, take out ,put in, higher dose, lower dose etc etc. Now and then people will state wow what a difference and wow what an impact please what am I missing.

I am 51 diagnosed 5 years still working just about for 25 hours a week get very weary and stiff first think on getting up could sleep for england but generally I keep going because I push myself currently my cocktail is the follwing

6.30 sinemet, 0.35 mirapexin,0.70 mirapexin, rasagiline

12.30 sinemet, 0.35 mirapexin,0.70 mirapexin,

6.30pm sinemet, 0.35 mirapexin,0.70 mirapexin,

10pm slow release sinemet

I keep going but have never had a wow!!!!!!!

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  • I found myself being increasingly rooted to the spot, falling, and then along came sinemet, 62.5m, which loosened my limbs, freed my feet and I was walking briskly again. My facial expression has become a look, as opposed to a glare, and yes, night time activity has improved because my body movement has. Tiredness is still a factor but not on the same scale as before, my timing when playing my guitar or keyboard is almost back.

  • Hi ....thank you for your comment and I can understand your 'wow' from what you have said.

    I live in the UK and see my neurologist every 6 months and my PD nurse in between these times do you think this close monitoring has an impact I think it may.

    Are you in UK ? I find it quite startling the efforts other people have to go to for meds and the cost.

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