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Not Again!

It's been a while since I've been at this site. I needed a break from HealthUnlocked because talking about Parkinsons gets to be a little overwhelming after a while. I can understand what it must feel to be our friends and caregivers. My wife Cato, who is a wonderful person, has told me that some of my morning moaning period rituals can be tedious. We've had our share of drama.

My day usually starts around 4 AM. I've developed a theory that 4 AM wake up might actually be a symptom of parkinsons. Maybe it's med related. We have a cat named Stella who seems to think that it is her cat duty to wake the boss every morning. I'll open my eyes and find her laying on me a foot away from mewith her legs neatly tucked. Staring. I'll take the cue and obediently shuffle off to the kitchen and put her half cup of cat food into her bowl. Some days Stella willl sneak into the room and jump on Cato's side of the bed, because Cato is patient and loving and therefore more vulnerable. Naturally the way to Cato is over me. Stella will nudge and poke and stare until one of us gets up and puts food in her bowl. Like clock work.

I usually toss and turn and get an occasional bout of The Morning Shakes until sunrise, then I get up and take my first dose of carbidopa/levadopa of the day. Cato will be sitting in front of the mirror applying makeup, sipping coffee. Getting ready for work. Then it starts.



"I hate parkinsons. Why can't I just get better?"


"Why am I so tired?"

Cato looks at me over her shoulder in the mirror " I can't talk about this everyday when I need to get ready for work" Oops.

Cato works at Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio in Evanston, Illinois . Eve Alfille is an incredibly talented artist who designs and makes fine jewelry. On the first of December The Gallery sponsored a benefit to honor The Michael J. Fox Foundation. 10% of the profits that day went to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Cato is the sales manager at Eves Gallery. She needed her morning time to psyche up and put on her game face. I needed to shut up.

You'd think I'd learn. In a way I'm a little like Stella.

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Welcome back. I know what you mean - reading day after day about other peoples problems with PD CAN be DOWNER. But just at that time, I'll find someone whose problem is one i have encountered and can help. that's what gives me the most joy


hi jpoe alt

sorry you have felt tha tthe site gets you down

have yo u been gettign on with hyour life ??i hope so

i find it great tha tpeople from teh US OF A Like hyourself can all blog as if we were neighborus_)(AND PARTY WHEN TEH MOOD TAKE SUS)

the cat problem ditto wiht our cat CHICO who will ea tand eat and eat and ea t( and will wake us at 5 am fo rhsi breakfast )

if allowed ot sleep in or nea rthe bedroom)

lol Jill



All of a sudden I realised that Stella had trained me to feed her.


Welcome back. What a pleasure to read your writing again.


Welcome back buddy :-)

I try not to blog about PD, I agree we dont all need reminding but it is good to know we are part of one hell of an awesome worldwide community and I feel it a priveledge to know you all and feel the love and support we all give each other. :-)


Andy :-)


Thanks for your contribution. This may not have been your goal in writing your short essay, but for some reason it made me feel better.


Welcome back!


I understand your desire to share your frustrations with PD with your family but it does get them down. I find that sharing with others who actually have PD in this forum can be therapeutic without further burdening our families.


Welcome back. My husband says that my life and comments are ruled by Parkinsons!! I hope this is an exaggeration because what a boring person that would make me. Maybe I am.I shall try really hard today to find something of the real me. Maybe that could be the way forward.


Always remember you rule

Do not let the PD rule you.


I personally find it comforting when I read others blogs and realize that I am not the only one going through this. When I read that someone else can't sleep , has a hard time in the morning, meds don't work all the time I realize that my symtoms are normal, or as normal as can be for Parkinsons....and I am not alone.


SAme here :)



Hugs, Terri


Thank you all for your kind words. It feels good to be back at Health Unlocked.


Good to hear from you again. Welcome back!

Hugs, Terri


I agree that PD "engulfs" us sometimes.....It's nice to "try" not to concentrate on it, but let's face some of us it's getting harder and harder, and this site is a "sounding board"...something to save our sanity. "Thank you" to all my PD friends.


It's very difficult not to be " self-involved " when it takes so long just to tie my freakin shoes! I too, wake at unGodly hours,Meds or Disease? IDK. Now the first thought is: Don't stretch, you will cramp like a exhausted marathoner! 2nd thought I hate this Disease... 3rd: Oh woe is me

4th: try to be happy and good luck with that!

Welcome back. I know the feeling, I hate going to PD fundraisers or events because I see PWP who are much worse than when we last met. so sad. I will not give in...


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