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Is there anyone who'se had a stem cell transplant prepared to help me?

I'm due to have a stem cell transplant very soon as part of a clinical trial. I've got lots of technical info but I'd like to talk informally about the procedure & living with immuno-suppresents afterwards. Any takers? Talking to a doctor over a cup of tea might help but they're not willing to do so in case they get sued. I feel very isolated.


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Hi Angela

Sorry I can't help you as I know very little about stem cell transplants and I do not know anone who has had one or who is going to have one. However, I do hope that it all works out well for you and you get the results you hope for.

I have been looking for a clinical trial to take part in. but have not found anything suitable so far. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places?

I hope you get some positive answers. Would love to know how how you get on.



Best to you...I feel so confident about this and I, along with so man, salute your courage. Would you be willing to use this site to keep us updated on the good, the bad and the successful? Big collective hug...


Good luck. I don't think anyone could answer your question because this procedure is extremely new as far as human trials. You can probably enlighten us on what you know and your post procedure experience will be. Immusuppresant drugs will be needed to be taken? Please keep us advised on your journey, because you are our teacher now. God speed and blessing.


I have to agrre with Drevy it is something very new to most of us I imagine but it is such a pity you have n oon e esle to talk to about it

I do think if you are able to you could make notes or a diary on it to post on the site

I think we can safely say you are one of the pioneers.

I salute you!


Good luck and thanks so much for participating in a trial that could benefit yourself and others. Wishing you much success a good health! :-) Would love to see posting on how things go for you.

Hugs, Terri


i saw a segment on 60 minutes with scott pelley. and after much searching they said that these are done outside of the USA. they to talked to a self -taught doctor . and it is a scam. i hope this helps, because i was checking into it to. $120,000.-- worth of scam. and they

i also heard that they must be injected right into the brain, 60 min. also checked into the possibility, and the stem cells that were send were dead on arrival. even though they were packaged right.


I saw the same program. "60 Minutes" exposed one doctor who was a scam artist, but it also interviewed a doctor who was very informed and seemed optimistic about using stem cells to help cure many diseases. She did say that more research needed to be done. I commend you, Angela for being part of the clinical trial. I also have read about some trials successfully done in Europe I really have not educated myself enough ,but I have done some reading and I believe it is the hope of the future. I hope all goes well. Blessings.


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