Parkinson's Movement

The Mask

The Mask

Creeps slowly

Like plaster

Filling every means of gesture


Despite stirrings inside

Struggling to break the guise

And show such things as surprise


Neither showing a grimace or a grin

Unable to show the feelings within

Sad, am I?

No way of telling

Because as I’ve been explaining

I can feel and relate

But now it’s my fate

For my emotions to be hidden

Facial expression forbidden

Blotted out by the mask

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wonderful poem; and so appropriate...I recently attended a family function and one of the younger adults asked if I was OK; I looked depressed or upset...I realized I need to somehow find a time to address the family members and let them know that my lack of emotional signings with my face is a symptom of my disease progressing, not that I am bored or inattentive. My husband feels sometimes I am not paying attention to him when he talks about something important...and its untrue, I just can't emulate the expressions as I did of old. In fact without the families comments I would not have noticed the changes that apparently are occurring. Saddest part is that all the smiles and joy are still here inside...just trapped behind lessening movements.


Amazing poem. My Dad has PD, and I could have written this about him. Thank you for this.


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