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Anyone in UK wondering about new style Sinemet plus tablets? (small and round)

Hi, I have just started taking the new style Sinemet Plus tablets, made by MSD, had my first ones yesterday am. I am very achey especially round jaw and shoulders, and have a nasty high pitched tinnitus. This is a little complicated because I am not fully recovered from a fluey bug. Nevertheless, I do not seem to be getting the same effect from these as the old version. What are your experience? Has anyone else had difficulties? Or felt a difference ?

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I do not like them because unlike the other sinemet tablets you can not split them in half as you would. Want to do when increasing dosages.



Hi LindyLanka - I know everyone is different but when I got these I actually found they were even a bit better than the lozenge ones - so for some (as with all Pd medication) will benefit

Bob (froggatt55)


Have to agree about splitting these tablets as I take 1 & 1/2 four times a day. Not sure I'll get the exact same dosage each time but then again lozenge tablets did not always split evenly. Not fair to judge as start coincides with cold spell


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