i hav e psp and have just been dxd wiht breast cancer

as a fe wo fyo will know i am a blogge ron this and hte PSP sit e

i have jsut been dxd with breast cancer - the invasive type so am having a lumpectomy and osem fo the lymph nodes removed on HTURSDAYH DE C6TH - I hope it has nto spread to hte lhymph nodes bu twill have ot wait 4 a further 2 weeks

i am tryign toc carrry on as normal (whatever that is ?!)

but it si difficult

lol Jill

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  • ssorry about the really bad typing - v dyslexic



  • Jill, so very sorry to hear this news. :-( I will pray for the very best outcome for you. Try, though it will be difficult, to stay as positive and upbeat as you normally are. Hugs and prayers coming your way. :-)

    Hugs OOOO and prayers ++++ , Terri

  • thanks for all yhour commments

    i am gla di have shared it in thsi virtual world

    lol Jill


  • You are very brave. Keep us posted . Enjoy whatever you can one day at a time --you've got us to whinge to :)

  • hi pat

    thanks for your commments

    i agree i do hav eto whinge when th4e op is ove rand i am back nhome - hopefully on fridayh next

    lol jilL


  • Sorry to hear your news. You will be on my thoughts and prayers.

  • I have read many of your posts and have admired your exceptional attitude and coping abilities. I'm hoping that this is resolved quickly with minimal complications.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis and then tto deal with your PSP on top of it all.. You are a strong woman! God is with you. I am praying for you and your healing, emotionally and physically!!

  • Hi there...... sorry to hear your news . I also have PD..and have had it 25 years i was dx at 23...3 yrs ago upon going for my 1st mammogram which we do at 45 in New Zealand....found i had a lesion( no lump) 33millimeters in lenght....i was devastated inside but showed no one my fears i went on to have my right breast removed and 16 weeks radiation....it was extremely tiresome.... So i feel for you...and up until today have received 2 faulty implants....buttttt im still cancer free..and feeling the best i have in years......change of diet and lifestyle has helped over come both the PD and breast cancerr...I Wish you thebest of luck but most off all stay "POSITIVE" and keep your faith

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