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Possible Noro-virus

Thanks to those trying to contact me via this site & others. I have picked up up what may be noro-virus from 1 of my 2 hospital visits last wk sp please bear with me - I'm exhausted & don't have the energy to do much. I felt nauseous Days 1,2,3, 4 & had terrible diarrhoea. Now Day 5 on water only + PD meds. Tried dry biscuits (2) 1 hr ago - back to the loo. If no better tomorrow GP needs stool sample & may start treatment? Lost 7lbs very weak.

Still I suppose it could be worse - though I'm not sure how!! Keep smiling - the power of positive thought!!

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Poor old Florence Nightingale must be spinning in her grave.

she said a visit to a hospital must not cause a patient to become more ill (or words to that effect) now a visit to a hospital is a big risk some of them are dirtier than Victorian pesthouses.

I hope you go on OK and you feel better soon.


you said it oldtyke! I read an article recently that said one should remind hosp. staff to wash their hands if you don't see them do it. I'm like wtf! I'd have enough on my mind! Had a nurse sneezing all over me at 2 in the morning! I hope I never have to go to hospital again! Pls feel better soon :)


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