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Better Together

Hi. I was diagnosed with MS ten years ago. I have worked as a volunteeer with groups affected by MS and very often came into contact with people affected by other Neuro condition. Often , whilst our illnesses have different names many of our symptoms are shared and for this reason I wanted to form a Neuro Drop In Centre that would welcome all Neuro conditions. There are many people with lesser known conditions who are left isolated and unsupported because they are in the minority. This has to change which is why I would like all of us linked by Neuro illness to join forces and be better together. Please take a look at our facebook page, like us and become an on line supporter of our reg charity. You can FIND us by putting @Neuro in the search box. Look forward to seeing you there! :)

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Have you looked at the CAN-DO website? This is a Cornish alliance of people affected by neurological conditions.


Oooh thanks for the nudge. I haven't seen this but I definitely will. Are you involved with the charity? I wasn't aware of it so am very pleased to hear about it. Thank you!


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