I am having problems with edema in my ankles and feet. Also tingling of my feet and about halfway up my legs....sometimes a hot feeling but

They are NOT hot to the touch. They almost feel like extremely dry skin and I keep putting on lotion but it doesn't help. Any one else have a problem like this? They are also sensitive to the touch. Sometimes just a little and sometimes bad pain when touched,

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  • Yes, I am having the same problems. At times my feet feel like they have been set on fire and the underside of my toes are very raw and sensitive. I apply a lot of lotion and lately have had to wear socks with all my shoes because my feet and toes feel like they are stuck to the bottom of the shoes and rubbing my already sensitive feet raw. Will definitely talk to the Neuro about it on the next visit.


  • I have a big problem with swelling in my legs and feet too. They are also very painful and feel hot and my skin is very dry. i use coconut oil on my feet to help relieve the dryness. I think the edema may be a result of the medication that I'm taking. I'm on Mirapex and Amanadine.

    Are you on either of those? Sometimes I wear support stockings, which seem to help my legs but not my feet. I'm also having a difficult time finding shoes. These are the only solutions that I can share.

  • yeah i have the same problem with shoes, i very often go out in my slippers. there used to be a shop in my town that speciallised in wide fit shoes but its not there any more i have los countt how many times i have sent away for wide fitting shoes and had to send them back cause they dont fit,i wish there was some way we could wake up the shoe manufactors to the needs of our poor suffering feet

  • I, also, have a similar problem with my feet and legs, though, so far, no swelling. This always seems to happen during the evening. My feet feel as though they are burning and go very red. This redness goes up into my ankles. Sometimes it itches and feels like chilblains, but it is not. I use a cream called Balmosa, which was recommended to me. This helps with the problem and I use it all year round. I always cream my feet when going to bed. Have no idea where the problem stems from though.

  • You really need to see your physician as soon as possible. It could be a vascular problem unrelated to PD.

  • Yes you must. Having this problem in both legs tends to indicate some other cause but swelling and pain in leg`s can indicate thrombosis / DVT.

  • To check if it is oedema. when you press a finger into the flesh does it leave a dint?

    If so, it is fluid. If not it is something else. generally speaking fluid gathers because the heart is not pumping well enough or the kidneys are not excreting enough.

    get it checked out, It may be the drugs, they do seem to have some wierd effects.

  • When I have difficulty with swelling, like after a day out of the house, I use a very inexpensive, portable leg pumps. It tightens and loosens as a blood pressure cuff, and 20 minutes later a lot of the swelling is gone. Doc says my swelling from lymphodemia (cancer surgery yrs ago) and fibromyalgia and the pd. Good thing I've got the pumps. Got them from a catalog here in the us called Dr. Leonard's. Maybe there's a website.

  • yeah i get a lot of swelling in my feet and ankles,the feet and ankles hurt a lot, my nurse has got me some cream for my legs as they are very dry its called Calmurid cream its in the type of container which is called a dispencer it it very greasy but it does the trick so hope this infomation helps Barbie 18

  • 1. Ankle swelling can be caused by many things. eg some blood pressure tablets can cause it. Sometimes it can be the heart not strong enough etc and need medication that strengthens the heart pumping. May be a valve problem in the veins. You need a proper diagnosis. Graduated surgical stockings may help, but these need to be measured and fitted. The white hospital ones eg TED's are not strong enough for this sort of condition. Need ones that supply at least 20-30mm of mercury (Hg) pressure. May need even 30-40mm Hg pressure. Usually only need them to below knee level, rather than full length. Take them off at bedtime. They can be hot to wear but if you need them, you need them. When at rest, elevate feet above waist level to help drain legs. Walking and gentle exercise is good but wear the stockings, for sure,if prescribed.

    2. Dry skin: symptomatic of poor circulation especially if ankle area is discoloured. May also be itchy. Surgical stockings again useful here but need proper fitting. Creams or lotions that have at least 10% (up to 20-25%) urea are very helpful. Again, need a proper diagnosis. Do you have diabetes? Pain on touching may indicate a neuropathic pain which is caused by diseases such as diabetes. Needs a specialist to diagnose and prescribe suitable medication.Hope this helps.

  • If you are having leg pain, swelling and redness it is possible you have Venous Insuffienency. That is when the valves in your legs do not function right and blood dosen't get back to your heart the way it should. And it does cause all the symptoms I listed. I have also had 2 DVT's and a Pulmonary Embolism. I have suffered for years with vericose veins and Edema it started in my early 20's. I have had 3 surgeries on my veins. A few weeks ago the pain in my legs and the swelling got so bad I had to go the ER and could barely walk.My ankle was more than twice the size and my feet were so big I could barely get open sandles on. I had to be on bed rest for 3 days with feet elevated and also I take Lasik's everyday but my PCP gave me an additional pill to take with it to try to get the water out. If some of the swelling didn't go down in the first 24 hours I was going to be hospitalized. I also wear the the stockings 30-40mm Hg pressure and have done so for about 20 years. The Dr. wanted me to wrap my legs in ace bandages this time to try to get the fluid out. It did work but now I am on disability from my job because I am not allowed to be on my feet more than 2 hours a day for now on and my job requires 8 hours on my feet. My Vascular Dr. retired and I have had him for over 20 years so I had to find a new one. I go to her next week and hopefully she can give me more details. I have read there is no cure and that it will get worse with time. You are also at high risk for leg Ulcers and I do not want to get them! So if your legs hurt and swell please ask your Dr. It could be something totally different but why take a chance.

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