Thanksgiving at The Butterfield Stage Motel

Thanksgiving at The Butterfield Stage Motel

The bucket list tour Lori and I started out on in September slowed down a bit this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, a slight bit of homesickness on the part of my lovely wife, and the fact that my monthly check won't arrive in my bank account until this coming Wednesday. We spend a lot of time together, much more than the average married couple, and this may be the cause of some stress. Lori has a job interview Monday and if she gets a part time job, it will probably do us both some good.

John and his wife, managers of the Butterfield Stage Motel prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving feast for all the guests last Thursday. Turkey, ham and all the fixings made for a memorable repast for a few people who weren't otherwise home with family on this holidy

Chances seem good that we will be working at the Gila Cliff Dwelling Monument north of Silver City, NM starting in May. This week I received an email from the ranger in charge of the Volunteer Interpretive Park Ranger program in response to the online application I filled out on November 2. I don't think my PD will prevent me from performing the duties required, the most strenuous of which is taking tourists on a walk to the cliff dwellings and back, a round trip of about a mile. I will be arranging a telephone interview with the ranger on Monday and if that works out, I think Lori and I will take a ride up there soon just to touch base with people in person and let them know we are very interested.

Walking is one of the activities I still do well, especially since I finished LSVT's BIG Therapy program in 2010. Before I took the six-week program, I would fall once or twice a week. I think that I haven't fallen twice since I started practicing BIG Therapy.. I strongly endorse this therapy for anyone with balance or fall problems. That includes people with other chronic neuro-muscular conditions.

Well, that's it for this week. The photo is of the Gila Cliff Dwellings, courtesy of the National Park Service. Hopefully I will have some pictures that Lori and I are responsible for next time.

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  • What is LSVT's

    BIG Therapy program? I just finished LSVT's LOUD Therapy and it was all about developing a strong voice and throat muscles?

  • The same organization that developed LOUD does BIG. If you google "LSVT Big Therapy" it will show you some sites and some videos.




    LOL jiLL





  • The Gila Cliff Dwellings are beautiful. Enjoy the sites and sounds of this part of our country. Good luck as an interpretive ranger. And keep on writing.

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  • Thanks JennyR, we'll keep you informed.

  • Looking forward to hearing from you again!

  • I'm glad both of you enjoyed Thanksgiving Day at the Butterfield Motel. What do you plan on doing until May?

  • Hey Jon, hope you had a nice holiday. Well, we may go to the Gila Cliff Dwellings before May. We have a meeting Thursday with the ranger in charge of the volunteer program. It looks like we'll be in Garnet Ghost Town in Montana September and October. We are staying in Deming until January, then maybe off to Tucson and Yuma, maybe Sierra Vista until a volunteer gig opens up. Lori has a doctor appointment in Las Cruces on Wednesday and we want to hit Goodwill while we are there so we can get some Christmas decorations.

  • Maybe we can get together she you are in Cruces on Wednesday. Let me know.

  • Maybe we can get together she you are in Cruces on Wednesday. Let me know.

  • Maybe we can get together she you are in Cruces on Wednesday. Let me know.

  • Not sure Jon. Lori's appointment is for 11:30 and she wants me to be there. We plan to go to Goodwill and I have too stop by the IRS office on El Pasaeo to make a payment. I want to be back in Deming before dark. I don't drive well at night. If it looks like we'll have some time, I'll give you a call but the last time we saw her doctor she sat there for 2 hours waiting to get in.

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